【petition】Skilled Veterans’ Corps for Fukushima Appeal to the Government of Japan

Work at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear disaster site continues under dangerous conditions. The Skilled Veterans’ Corps for Fukushima (SVCF), an incorporated public-interest organization of seniors (60 and over), was established to volunteer their services, based on engineering and other technical backgrounds, in order to reduce radiation exposure for young workers.

They are moreover convinced that continuing to entrust the project to TEPCO is hardly acceptable as a solution. They have appealed to the Government of Japan to turn this into a national project in which the entire process, from bringing the disaster under control to decommissioning, as well as worker safety for the duration of the process, will be overseen by a unified management.

Their proposal has yet to be realized. They are now seeking signatories to a petition to be submitted to the Government in mid-March.

Please download the petition from the link, print, sign, and mail originals to the address given.

SVCF petition to the Government of Japan
◇Appeal and petition in Japanese here.

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