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Take nuclear subsidies out of EPA carbon rules via Credo Mobilize

While I support your efforts to address global warming, costly consumer subsidies for old, uneconomic nuclear reactors and new nuclear power must be removed from your climate plan. These reactors can and should be replaced with clean renewable energy and … Continue reading

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【pétition】 Un appel pour améliorer les conditions de travail des ouvriers de la centrale nucléaire Fukushima Dai-ichi via Sumi Hasegawa

À L’ATTENTION DE: ABE Shinzo, Premier Ministre du Japon TAMURA Norihisa, Ministre de la Santé, du Travail et du Bien-Être, Japon SHIMOKOBE Kazuhiko,P.D.G. Tokyo Electric Power Co. Ltd (TEPCO) HIROSE Naomi, Présidente, Tokyo Electric Power Co. Ltd. (TEPCO) Depuis l’accident … Continue reading

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【petition】Skilled Veterans’ Corps for Fukushima Appeal to the Government of Japan

Work at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear disaster site continues under dangerous conditions. The Skilled Veterans’ Corps for Fukushima (SVCF), an incorporated public-interest organization of seniors (60 and over), was established to volunteer their services, based on engineering and other technical … Continue reading

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【petition】For a full and fair investigation by the public prosecutors via the Fukushima Group Pursuing Criminal Charges against Tepco Executives and Government Officials

There are several group legal efforts ongoing in Japan to have criminal charges brought against responsible people at Tepco and in the government. In the Japanese legal system, the decision to bring criminal charges rests with the public prosecutors office. … Continue reading

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Urgent 緊急 ”STOP Spreading Contaminated Rubble all over JAPAN!” letter project

  FACT 1 : Radioactive debris is ready to be shipped all over Japan. FACT 2 :1,000 tons of contaminated rubble will be brought to Tokyo by train at the end of October, 2011. It will be BURNED and DUMPED … Continue reading

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