【petition】For a full and fair investigation by the public prosecutors via the Fukushima Group Pursuing Criminal Charges against Tepco Executives and Government Officials

There are several group legal efforts ongoing in Japan to have criminal charges brought against responsible people at Tepco and in the government. In the Japanese legal system, the decision to bring criminal charges rests with the public prosecutors office.

This petition comes from a group headed by Ms. Ruiko Mutō, a Fukushima resident. Approximately 1200 Fukushima residents and 11,000 non-residents have joined as “complainants.” Each was asked to reflect on the harms brought upon their lives in joining this legal effort, and so the process itself has been one of consciousness-raising and the promotion of solidarity.

There is worry that with the new Abe administration, the prosecutors will be even less inclined to decide to bring criminal charges. This petition, addressed to the Fukushima and Tokyo Public Prosecutors Office, asks that a full and impartial investigation be conducted, leading to criminal charges.

Bear in mind that not a single person has been charged with any responsibility for the Fukushima disaster.

The petition may be found on the site of the Fukushima complainants’ group; scroll past the Japanese for English translations for entry categories; fill in and click “submit.”

First deadline is February 15; second round, March 5.

The group requests wide circulation of this petition.

Find petition here.

Read more at Muto Ruiko and the Movement of Fukushima Residents to Pursue Criminal Charges against Tepco Executives and Government Officials

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