Australia keen to strengthen UAE relations through nuclear deal via


The Australian official pointed out that the UAE is going to require 800 tonnes of Uranium to operate its four reactors by 2020. We export 7,000 tons a year, this accounts for more than 10 per cent of our exports and if we even get one-third of those this will give a boost to our industry,” he said

According to the agreement, Australia, which is the biggest producer of uranium (fuel) as the country holds about 40 per cent of the world’s known uranium reserves, will provide the UAE with uranium fuel once nuclear plants are in operation by 2017.

A UAE official in the field of nuclear energy had told the Gulf News that there are talks with the Russians and the French on the nuclear waste as there were options to rid of the nuclear waste by dumping it, exporting it or recycling.

“We have received some proposals from France and Russia in this regard and we are considering them,” the official said.

The agreement sets out conditions under which nuclear material, non-nuclear material, equipment, components and technology can be transferred between Australia and the UAE for peaceful non-explosive purposes.


France, the UK, US, South Korea, Australia and Russia have signed nuclear co-operation agreements with the UAE. Those agreements vary from the foundation for technology and knowledge transfer in addition to opening supply routes for nuclear fuel.

Australia has 22 nuclear safeguard agreements covering 39 countries, plus Taiwan, including US, Russia, Korea, UK, Canada, Sweden, France, Philippines, Japan, Switzerland, Egypt, Mexico, New Zealand, Argentina and China.

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