ASP Board Member Chuck Hagel’s Positions on Nuclear Issues via American Security Project

By Terri S. Lodge and Mary Kaszynski

There has been much discussion of Senator Chuck Hagel’s positions on nuclear issues, particularly Iran and U.S. nuclear reductions. Contrary to what some have claimed, Sen. Hagel’s views are well within the mainstream of national security experts. In fact, Sen. Hagel is one of a growing consensus of senior military leaders and policymakers for strategic, nonpartisan solutions to today’s nuclear challenges.


The Commission proposed a force of 900 nuclear weapons (450 deployed, 450 in reserve) as an illustration of the nuclear strategy that might result from a reassessment of the current security environment.

The Cartwright proposal was an example of what updated nuclear force might look like, not the only possibility. Many other proposals have made similar recommendations. The Cartwright option is lower than current levels, but it is similar to other proposals for rightsizing the nuclear force.

Those who still support a Cold-War sized nuclear arsenal are in the minority. The majority of security experts, like Sen. Hagel and the Cartwright Commission, agree that updating the U.S. nuclear arsenal for the 21st century will strengthen national security

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