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CRUCIAL VOTE: Although quiet on the issue, LDP, New Komeito at odds on nuclear policy via The Asahi Shimbun

Opposition parties are blaring anti-nuclear slogans and calling for phaseouts of atomic power generation. But their positions on Japan’s energy policy–or any other issue for that matter–have failed to dampen expectations of a landslide victory by the ruling coalition in … Continue reading

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The President’s Pro-Nuclear Rhetoric vs. His Anti-Nuclear Policies via The Foundry

Regardless of what one thinks about climate change policy, producing more unsubsidized, affordable, clean, reliable, emissions-free power is a laudable goal. That is why, of all the recommendations that the President puts forth, increasing nuclear energy is perhaps the one … Continue reading

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ASP Board Member Chuck Hagel’s Positions on Nuclear Issues via American Security Project

By Terri S. Lodge and Mary Kaszynski There has been much discussion of Senator Chuck Hagel’s positions on nuclear issues, particularly Iran and U.S. nuclear reductions. Contrary to what some have claimed, Sen. Hagel’s views are well within the mainstream … Continue reading

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