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2017 Lower House Election / Parties debate whether, when to bring N-plants back online via The Japan News

The Yomiuri Shimbun How should the stable supply of electricity, which underpins people’s daily lives, be maintained? The pros and cons of utilizing nuclear power generation have become a major focal point in the coming House of Representatives election. The … Continue reading

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Nuclear disaster evacuees voice doubts about LDP recovery plan via The Mainichi

Evacuees of the Fukushima nuclear disaster have voiced skepticism over a Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) plan to lift evacuation recommendations for all but the most heavily contaminated areas by March 2017, questioning whether decontamination will have advanced sufficiently by then. … Continue reading

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Three and a half years after a catastrophic meltdown, Fukushima is far from fixed via Time

As we lumber through the plant like clumsy B-movie extras, I’m reminded that our many layers don’t protect against every type of radiation. Not to worry, we are told by officials from Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO). The radiation levels … Continue reading

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LDP to field BOJ official for Fukushima governor race via The Japan Times

FUKUSHIMA – The ruling Liberal Democratic Party’s Fukushima chapter said Saturday it will field Bank of Japan Kobe branch manager Takeshi Hachimura, 55, for a gubernatorial election in the prefecture on Oct. 16. The chapter will meet with Hachimura, who … Continue reading

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Speaker Speaks Out Against Nuclear Power via Wall Street Journal Japan

In the midst of the solemn, scripted memorial marking the anniversary of Japan’s 2011 triple disaster, a discordant note seemed to creep in. A leading lawmaker used the bully pulpit at the ceremony to call for an end to nuclear … Continue reading

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Shock Doctrine in Japan: Shinzo Abe’s Rightward Shift to Militarism, Secrecy in Fukushima’s Wake via Democracy Now!

Democracy Now! is broadcasting from Tokyo, Japan, today in the first of three special broadcasts. At a critical time for Japan and the region, we begin our coverage looking at the country’s rightward political shift under Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, … Continue reading

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CRUCIAL VOTE: Although quiet on the issue, LDP, New Komeito at odds on nuclear policy via The Asahi Shimbun

Opposition parties are blaring anti-nuclear slogans and calling for phaseouts of atomic power generation. But their positions on Japan’s energy policy–or any other issue for that matter–have failed to dampen expectations of a landslide victory by the ruling coalition in … Continue reading

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