Vogtle Cost Dispute Escalates to Lawsuit via Nuclear street

Southern Co. disclosed Friday that a dispute surrounding licensing delays and design changes to new reactors at Plant Vogtle has moved from mediation to a U.S. District Court.

Westinghouse and a Shaw Group subsidiary claim that the reactors’ owners should pay for $600 million in costs associated with design changes to the shield building of the AP1000 reactor, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported, in addition to $244 million associated with project delays and $74 million for design changes to structural modules.

Georgia Power, Oglethorpe Power and the Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia own the project. In a conference call Friday, Southern Co. CEO Thomas Fanning said Georgia Power’s share of the suit amount would come to $425 million, although he asserted that the reactors’ owners were not responsible for those costs. He added that the company does not anticipate that the litigation will have a negative impact on work at the site.

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