The Atomic Age scholarship recipients/アトミックエイジ奨学金授与者

We have ten scholarship recipients for $300 to attend the upcoming Atomic Age II: Fukushima symposium to be held on May 5.
Congratulations to the recipients!


Atomic Age Scholarship Recipients

Marissa Bell (student, SUNY Buffalo)
Yujia He (student, Georgia Institute of Technology)
Colby House (student, Montana State University)
Takehito Kamata (student, The University of Minnesota)
Emi Koyama (activist)
Ryo Morimoto (student, Brandeis University)
Rika Morioka (independent scholar, Friends Research Institute;
Johns Hopkins University)
Vivian Shaw (student, The University of Texas, Austin)
Sachiyo Tsukamoto (activist, Nottingham ALPHA Plus)
Tomoi Zeimer (activist, One World No Nukes)

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