3/11 memories haunt American at No. 1 plant via The Japan Times Online

The Taiwan-based Pillitteri, 53, evacuated the plant that day and left Japan on March 15. He said he had been traumatized, overwhelmed by the events he witnessed on the disaster day.

But on Dec. 3, he returned to Fukushima Prefecture on a desperate, personal mission and entered the government-designated no-go zone.

Pillitteri felt compelled to learn the fate of an elderly Japanese woman who worked at a local restaurant and who had looked after him during his previous trips to the plant. He also wanted to give her a Christmas gift, and said he would be unable to enjoy the holiday unless he found out what became of her.

“For me, I could not wait to come back (to Fukushima). I wanted to come back,” Pillitteri told The Japan Times during a recent interview in Mito, Ibaraki Prefecture.

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