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Earthquake does little to shake US town’s nuclear faith via The Economic Times

MINERAL: In a village of about 500 where nearly everyone knows someone who works at the local nuclear plant, the recent historic earthquake created more punch lines than new concerns about the safety of their community.

More than a week after an unusual 5.8-magnitude quake rocked the US East Coast and shut down the North Anna Nuclear plant, the local diner – the Lake Anna Smokehouse & Grill – was selling half-pound “quake burgers” with a side of homemade “nuclear” barbecue sauce.

“I wish I could tell you we are at the edge of the world blowing up, but it just ain’t the case,” said Ed Blount, leaning on a counter at a gift shop he owns on the shore of man-made Lake Anna, created for the nearby nuclear plant that has yet to restart.

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