Couple over TEPCO dorms told reality at nuke plant via Asahi Japan Watch

August 24, 2011

By TERU OKUMURA / Staff Writer

A couple who has supervised various dorms in Fukushima Prefecture for Tokyo Electric Power Co. over about two decades considered their residents like their own children.

So, they are at a loss for words when some who continue to work at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant say things like they will never marry because of cancer fears due to the leaked radiation from the plant.

On March 11, the couple was working as supervisors of a dorm for single TEPCO employees located about five kilometers from the Fukushima plant when the Great East Japan Earthquake struck.

The couple has now evacuated to a public housing unit in Ehime Prefecture about 800 kilometers away. Despite the distance, dorm residents still call the couple and tell them what is on their minds.

One dorm resident who called said, “I have now worked to the limits (of radiation exposure).”

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