Upbeat Look at Small-Scale Nuclear via Electric Co-op Today

New modular reactor technology could benefit co-ops

By Steven Johnson | ECT Staff WriterPublished: July 18th, 2011There’s no single answer to meeting the growing energy demands of electric utilities in the coming decades.

Sandra Hochstetter Byrd of Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corp. discusses how co-ops might use small modular nuclear reactors. (Photo By: Steven Johnson)

But a new generation of small modular nuclear reactors—a scaled-down version of the large reactors that supply 20 percent of the nation’s energy—might become an important part of the equation.

“We don’t believe you should put all of your eggs in any one basket. We need diversity,” said Sandra Hochstetter Byrd, vice president for strategic affairs at Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corp. “Small reactors represent a wonderful niche for us to do a variety of things.”

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