Ban Ki-moon welcomes new resolution of US Mayors in support of 2020 Vision via Mayors for Peace

Baltimore, June 20th 2011 – The US Conference of Mayors today unanimously adopted a resolution calling on President Obama to work with the leaders of the other nuclear weapon states to implement the United Nations Secretary-General’s 5-point plan to negotiate the elimination of nuclear weapons, by the year 2020, as urged by Mayors for Peace.

The USCM, the national US association of cities with populations over 30,000, also calls on Congress to terminate funding for modernization of the nuclear weapons complex and nuclear weapons systems, to slash spending on nuclear weapons well below Cold War Levels, and to redirect those funds to meet the urgent needs of cities.
In a historic speech to the USCM, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon praised Mayors for Peace and its Cities Are Not Targets campaign, with over 1 million signatures. The UN SG also thanked the USCM for its resolution supporting his 5-point plan for nuclear disarmament. The UN SG  was greeted enthusiastically by the US mayors, who gave him standing ovations at the beginning and conclusion of his speech. Linking the global and the local, the SG told the USCM: “The road to peace and progress runs through the worlds cities and towns.”

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