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Some Fukushima soil same as Chernobyl ‘dead zone’ via The Japan Times

Radioactive soil in pockets of areas near the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant have reached the same level as Chernobyl, where a “dead zone” remains 25 years after the reactor in the former Soviet Union exploded. Soil samples in areas … Continue reading

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Opera stars, fearing radiation, cancel via The Japan Times

Two of the biggest stars of New York’s Metropolitan Opera have bowed out of a Japan tour, citing fears of radioactive contamination and sending the company scrambling to find last-minute stand-ins. Soprano Anna Netrebko and tenor Joseph Calleja announced just … Continue reading

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Japan’s totally awesome old people via Global Post

Elderly Japanese say they should tackle the nuke crisis, not the young. It isn’t brave, it’s just common sense. That’s the partyline of one Yasuteru Yamada, 72-year-old retired engineer hell-bent on getting his hands dirty at the Fukushima power plant. … Continue reading

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Mental Health of Fukushima Daiichi Workers in Focus via Global Post

Aside from the obvious fears of radiation exposure, workers at the Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex are now battling another concern: the state of their mental health. For months, important issues such as the frequency of … Continue reading

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原発反対、日独中韓で増 日本は初めて多数に 世論調査 via asahi.com

東京電力福島第一原発の事故を受け、朝日新聞社は今月、日米仏ロ韓独中の7カ国で世論調査を実施、事故への見方や原発に関する意識を探った。原子力発電の利用について、賛成が反対より多いのは米国とフランス。韓国と中国では拮抗(きっこう)し、ドイツ、ロシア、日本では反対が多数を占めた。日本は、事故後3回目の調査で初めて反対が賛成を上回った。 対象国は、世界の主要原発国と、建設中の原発が最も多い中国を選んだ。   続きは原発反対、日独中韓で増  

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Fukushima Nuclear Plant’s Tsunami Plan A Single Page via Huffington Post

TOKYO — Japanese nuclear regulators trusted that the reactors at the Fukushima Dai-ichi complex were safe from the worst waves an earthquake could muster based on a single-page memo from the plant operator nearly a decade ago. In the Dec. … Continue reading

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Nuclear Power: Not the Solution to Climate Change via Monthly Review

If carbon emissions from energy production are the problem, is nuclear power the solution?  After all, nuclear reactors split uranium atoms to generate heat; no fossil fuels are used on site, and no CO2is released into the air from the … Continue reading

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Experts: Leave radiation checks to us

Measuring radiation levels accurately is difficult for laypersons and they shouldn’t panic if their devices show much higher levels than the figures announced by the government, radiation experts say. “Cheap and easy-to-handle devices sold on the Internet can sometimes show … Continue reading

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玄海原発再開、町長「了解伝える」 via Yomiuri Online

九州電力玄海原発を抱える佐賀県玄海町の岸本英雄町長は1日、定期検査で停止中の同原発2、3号機の運転再開について、「6月中旬頃、九電に町として運転しても差し支えないと伝える」と語り、再開を認める考えを示した。 同日開かれた町議会原子力対策特別委員会の後、読売新聞の取材に答えた。特別委では、「安全性に対する国の担保がとれた」など再開を容認する意見が多数を占めており、議会の意向を踏まえた判断とみられる。 運転再開にあたり、九電は地元の玄海町や佐賀県の了解を重視しており、同町の容認方針が固まったことで再開に向けた一つの条件が整った。ただ、佐賀県の古川康知事はこれまで再開への慎重姿勢を崩していない。特別委では、委員長を除く11人のうち、運転再開について容認7人、慎重・反対4人だった。 玄海原発再開、町長「了解伝える」  

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Tepco disclosure said lacking from get-go via The Japan Times

Tokyo Electric Power Co. did not fully disclose radiation monitoring data after its Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant was crippled by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, the government revealed Friday. Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano, after being informed by … Continue reading

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