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A museum dedicated to the Manhattan Project, the World War II research effort for the atomic bomb, is being urged to state in its exhibits that bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were war crimes. The first atomic bomb, named Little Boy, was dropped on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, killing between 90,000 and 166,000 people. This was […]

How the Manhattan Project’s Nuclear Suburb Stayed Secret via Atlas Obscura

Oak Ridge, Tennessee, once home to 75,000, went up fast and under the radar. But it was built to last, too. […] When Wilcox arrived in this part of East Tennessee in 1943, soon after graduating from college with a degree in chemistry, he was among the first residents of the place that would eventually […]

EPA announces plan to remove Manhattan Project nuclear waste from Missouri site via The Hill

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced new plans Thursday to partially remove toxic waste from a decades-old nuclear site in Missouri, a decision that mirrors Administrator Scott Pruitt‘s vow to make Superfunds a 2018 priority. The proposed remedy, would both remove a majority of the radioactive waste linked to the Manhattan Project at the West Lake Landfill […]

Joe Biden urges ‘Manhattan Project’ to fight cancer while on Australian tour via The Guardian

Vice-president announces deal to share data from Australian patients with researchers around the world The US vice-president, Joe Biden, says there is a need for a new “Manhattan Project” against cancer as he announced a deal to share data from Australian patients with researchers around the world. Biden, on the first official day of a […]

Why We Should Preserve the History of the Manhattan Project via Huffpost

The Manhattan Project, the secret research mission to develop an atomic weapon ahead of Germany and bring an end to World War II, was one of the 20th century’s most ambitious feats of science and engineering. And, it also proved to be one of the darkest moments. In many respects, the Manhattan Project ushered in […]

Women Respond to the Manhattan Project via Olivia Fermi

Did a WWII nuclear experiment make the U of C radioactive? Um, No. But did the Manhattan Project’s Enrico Fermi consider the risk to Chicago? via WBEZ

[…] Chicago Pile 1 was never meant to be under the University of Chicago’s former football field. Project managers originally wanted the full experiment to run in the Red Gate Woods, southwest of the city. But builders at Red Gate went on strike, so Compton and Fermi faced a decision: abandon the experiment, or move […]

The Economic Impacts of Closing and Replacing the Indian Point Energy Center via Manhattan Institute

  Located some 40 miles north of New York City, in Westchester County, the Indian Point Energy Center (IPEC) consists of two operating nuclear reactors, with a combined generating capacity of over 2,000 MW, and one long-retired reactor. IPEC’s size and location are the key factors in both the power it provides and the decades-long […]

Anti-Nuclear Groups Protest Proposed Manhattan Project Park via The New York Times

By JOHN MCARDLE of Greenwire Published: July 19, 2011 A plan to create a multi-state national park dedicated to the top secret project to develop an atomic bomb during World War II has drawn the ire of anti-nuclear groups that believe the government shouldn’t be in the business of celebrating the creation of a weapon […]

A Conversation with Helen Caldicott via The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

[…] Dan Drollette: That jumps straight into something I was curious about. I noticed there seem to be a lot of people in the anti-nuclear weapons movement with medical backgrounds. Helen Caldicott: It’s a medical problem. And explaining the medical dangers of nuclear war was a very good way to teach people what the danger […]

A different kind of ‘atomic tourist’ visits Hanford via Crosscut

[…] Of the thousands of people who have toured giant and forbidding B Reactor, the world’s first large scale plutonium reactor, Mitsugi Moriguchi is the first person to do so in a white radiation-blocking jumpsuit, hood and mask. It is a startling sight that is perhaps less surprising when you learn why this 81-year-old is […]

The ‘whole nuclear cycle’ via Albuquerque Journal

By Megan Bennett / Journal North Reporter SANTA FE, N.M. — The origins of New Mexico’s history surrounding the atomic bomb can be traced back to Robert Oppenheimer’s long-time love of the Land of Enchantment. Oppenheimer, the theoretical physicist known today as the “Father of the Atomic Bomb” who headed the secret Manhattan Project in […]

John Adams’s “Doctor Atomic” First Recording Due June 29 on Nonesuch via Nonesuch

Nonesuch releases the first recording of John Adams‘s 2005 opera, Doctor Atomic, on June 29, 2018. Longtime Adams collaborator Peter Sellars created the libretto for Doctor Atomic, drawing from original sources. The composer leads the BBC Singers and the BBC Symphony Orchestra in this recording, which features a cast led by Gerald Finley, who originated […]

The Chilling Story of The ‘Demon Core’ And The Scientists Who Became Its Victims via Alert

It was August 13, 1945, and the ‘demon core’ was poised, waiting to be unleashed onto a stunned Japan still reeling in fresh chaos from the deadliest attacks anyone had ever seen. A week earlier, ‘Little Boy’ had detonated over Hiroshima, followed swiftly by ‘Fat Man’in Nagasaki. These were the first and only nuclear bombs ever used in […]

Los Alamos museum refuses to host A-bomb exhibit, citing stance on nuclear abolition via The Japan Times

LOS ANGELES – The executive director of a museum in the town of Los Alamos, New Mexico, said Friday that it will not host a traveling exhibition focused on the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as planned due to concerns over the exhibitors’ position on the abolition of nuclear weapons. The exhibition, organized by the […]

Letter: Guam should worry about contamination from Fukushima via Pacific Daily News

We islanders worry about too many things. Perhaps it is the limits of our confinement within our reef-fringed turf that makes us realize that size does matter. […] Fukushima Daichi Nuclear Power Plant lies about 59 miles south of Sendai. It was heavily damaged by the earthquake and the following tsunami. Cooling systems were disabled […]

Nagasaki survivor visits Hanford, finds some of the story still untold via Seattle Times

  By  Hal Bernton  Seattle Times staff reporter RICHLAND, Benton County — Mitsugi Moriguchi was 8 when the atomic bomb detonated over his home city of Nagasaki, and he has spent much of his life telling the story of the aftermath. Related story Will Nagasaki’s story be told at Washington state’s new national park? The […]

‘Accidental’ filmmaker brings documentary about nuclear waste to Amarillo theater via Amarillo Globe-News

[…] Now, “accidental” filmmaker Tony West hopes to educate the public with his film “The Safe Side of the Fence” about the dangerous effects of nuclear waste. West said that his main goal is to reach workers and their families who may qualify for compensation from work-related illnesses as a result of handling nuclear waste. […]

栗山民也が原発事故を取りまく人間ドラマを演出 舞台『チルドレン』出演は高畑淳子、鶴見辰吾、若村麻由美 via ニコニコニュース

2018年9月に、ルーシー・カークウッド作『チルドレン』を栗山民也の演出で上演することが発表された。カークウッドの作品を上演するのは、日本で本作が初となる。 ルーシー・カークウッドは、1984年生まれの弱冠33歳というイギリス演劇界期待の若手女流作家。 (略) 今回日本での上演が決まった『チルドレン(原題:”THE CHILDREN”)』は、カークウッドがロイヤル・コート・シアターの招きで書き下ろした作品。2016年冬に上演され、今冬、NYブロードウェイでも上演が始まった話題の新作ストレートプレイだ。 <ストーリー> 巨大地震の影響で、大津波が起き、原発事故が起きた。津波の浸水で家を追われたロビン(鶴見辰吾)とヘイゼル(高畑淳子)の夫婦が移り住んだコテージ。そこに20数年ぶりに女友達ローズ(若村麻由美)が訪ねてくる。 3人はかつて原子力発電所で一緒に働いていた核技術者同士。ローズは、ロビンとヘイゼルに「原発事故処理で若手技師たちが危険に侵されている。事故処理に参加すべきは、わたしたちではないか」と持ちかける。 原発から遠く離れた海辺のコテージに鳴り響くガイガーカウンター。リタイヤした男女3人の科学技術者たちは、静かに決断を下す──。 東イギリスを舞台にしていながらも、実際に日本で起きた事故に触発され、執筆された本作。カークウッドは、シニアが、若者を被曝させないために現場作業を肩替りすることを呼び掛けたという、日本での実際のニュースを聞き、着想を得たという。NYタイムズは本作を次のように評している。 NYタイムズ(2017年12月12日付け)劇評<抜粋> 地震、津波、そして原子炉の停止。 サミュエル・J・フリードマン劇場で開幕した「チルドレン」が恐ろしいのは、脚本のルーシー・カークウッドは単に物語を思いついたのではなく、そのストーリーが、2011年に福島で起きた実際の事故に酷似していることだ。 「1千万年に一度の惨事だ」と、かつてイギリス東岸の架空の原発建設に携わった物理学者、ローズは言う。 悪寒とサスペンスに満ちた傑作でありながら、主題は反原発ではない。カークウッドが描きたかった過ちや責任とは、より巨大で、解決不可能な物事であるが、劇中観客はそのことを少しずつ理解し始める。 劇中、表出するテーマは、(異なる立場や意見の人々にも共通して存在する)人間の身勝手さではないか。ヘイゼルの気取った台詞「来た時よりも美しくして、その場を去るべ きだ」は、後世の子供たちへ遺すべき地球を考えた時、何を意味するのだろうか?   (略)   公演情報 パルコ・プロデュース2018 「チルドレン」 作:ルーシー・カークウッド 演出:栗山民也 翻訳:小田島恒志 出演:高畑淳子 鶴見辰吾 若村麻由美   2018年9月 彩の国さいたま芸術劇場 世田谷パブリックシアター 他、10月日本巡演予定。 全文は栗山民也が原発事故を取りまく人間ドラマを演出 舞台『チルドレン』出演は高畑淳子、鶴見辰吾、若村麻由美   関連記事: Review: In ‘The Children,’ the Waters Rise and a Reckoning Comes Due via The New York Times

Nuclear Carnival via The Point

By Emilio Comay del Junco This critical stopover in the Midwest is not one that the University of Chicago would like anyone to forget. In commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the first artificial nuclear reaction, it staged a series of events culminating in the release of a rainbow-colored mushroom cloud by the Chinese art […]

Do Nukes Kill? – Nuclear Shutdown News – via OB Rag

By Michael Steinberg Do Nukes Kill? While the decline of the nuclear power industry has become undeniable, one of the more significant aspects of this story still receives scant attention. In order to function, nuclear reactors generate radioactive materials and must release them into the air and water of surrounding communities. This doesn’t just happen […]

Study finds new way to clean up radioactive sites, protect radiotherapy patients, astronauts via

[…] According to a collaborative study, led by researchers at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, published Dec. 20 in PLOS One, “Microbial cells can cooperate to resist high-level chronic ionizing radiation,” the team examined growth characteristics of bacteria under high-level continuous gamma radiation. They found radiation-sensitive bacteria, E. coli (Escherichi coli), when mixed with radiation-resistant […]

Reckoning With the Legacy of the Nuclear Reactor, 75 Years Later via The Atlantic

Journalists have always struggled to reconcile the destruction and the development ushered in by this famous experiment. At the time, news of the breakthrough on December 2, 1942, was conveyed  only in code: “The Italian navigator has landed in the New World.” Our “Italian navigator” was Enrico Fermi, the physicist who had escaped fascist Italy […]

〝Solid cancer mortality among workers in the International Nuclear Workers Study (INWORKS)″ via Hiroshima Peace Institute

〝Solid cancer mortality among workers in the International Nuclear Workers Study (INWORKS)″   By David Richardson, Associate Professor of Epidemiology in the School of Public Health at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill […] 3. Date and Time November 30, 2017 (Thu.) 18:00-20:00 4. Venue Seminar Room, Satellite Campus, Hiroshima City University 9F Otemachi […]

Commentary: The first atomic furnace via Chicago Tribune

The atomic age began 75 years ago this Dec. 2, when a group of scientists gathered at the University of Chicago to determine whether they could achieve a self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction. Their experiment, conducted in an unheated squash court underneath a defunct football stadium, was pursued in deepest secrecy. Allegedly, not even the university’s […]

Sons fighting for father’s death benefit want ‘justice for everybody’ via Buffalo News

[…] A government program pays compensation to the survivors of former nuclear workers who died of cancer. If Young had died from any of 22 kinds of cancer on a federal government list, the $150,000 in compensation to his survivors would have been virtually automatic. But Young, it turned out, didn’t have the right kind […]

New Mexico’s nuclear weapon legacy honored by senators via Current-Argus

Everything changed in the summer of 1945. Two atom bombs, the deadliest weapon ever built at the time, were dropped on major cities in Japan. Hiroshima and Nagasaki would be forever remembered for the heartbreaking destruction that followed. Almost 100,000 people were instantly killed, and both cities were leveled by the attack. […] About 9,000 miles […]

Review Moms and other activists tackle radioactive waste in documentary ‘Atomic Homefront’ via Los Angeles Times

Radioactive waste isn’t likely the first thing that comes to mind when one sees the famed Gateway Arch in St. Louis. But for those who watch Rebecca Cammisa’s gripping, impactful documentary “Atomic Homefront,” that association will be impossible to shake. The city served as a processing center for the uranium used in the Manhattan Project […]

Department of Energy, Oak Ridge launch project to preserve history of old nuclear plant via News Sentinel

The Department of Energy and the City of Oak Ridge launched a project to preserve the history of the former Oak Ridge Gaseous Diffusion Plant on Thursday with a tour of the K-25 History Center’s future home in the Oak Ridge Fire Station Number Four building at the East Tennessee Technology Park.  The original K-25 gaseous […]

The Long Nuclear History Behind the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize via Time

Friday’s announcement that the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize went to The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) represents just the latest step in the long relationship between the Oslo-based Norwegian Nobel Committee and nuclear technology. ICAN, which played a key role in the negotiations that led to the recent signing of the Treaty on […]

Should GE’s Mark 1 Nuclear Reactor Be Recalled Worldwide Like a Faulty Unsafe Automobile? (Pt. 5) via EnviroNews

(EnviroNews DC Bureau) — Editor’s Note: The following news piece represents the fifth in a 15-part mini-series titled, Nuclear Power in Our World Today, featuring nuclear authority, engineer and whistleblower Arnie Gundersen. The EnviroNews USA special encompasses a wide span of topics, ranging from Manhattan-era madness to the continuously-unfolding crisis on the ground at Fukushima Daiichi in eastern Japan. The […]

Nuclear worker documentary returns to theaters in CSRA via Aiken Standard

A documentary highlighting workers in the nuclear industry is returning to the CSRA. The award-winning documentary “The Safe Side of the Fence” will be on the big screen next week at the Regal Aiken Mall 8 and at the Regal Exchange 20 in Augusta. “The Safe Side of the Fence” will be shown at the […]

Under the mushroom cloud: Will Nagasaki’s story be told at Hanford’s new national park? via The Seattle Times

Seven decades ago, a U.S. atomic bomb fueled with Hanford plutonium was dropped on Nagasaki. The story of the devastation doesn’t yet have a place in a new national park taking shape in Washington. […] National Park Service officials want exhibits to explore not only the high-stakes push to produce the bombs — dropped Aug. […]

Tests show Hanford workers inhaled radioactive plutonium via King5

[…] The KING 5 Investigators have discovered those statements are incorrect. An internal CH2M Hill email sent to their employees on July 21 was obtained by KING. It states that 301 (test kits) have been issued to employees and of the first 65 workers tested, a “small number of employees” showed positive results for “internal exposures” […]

Canada needs to embrace peace and sign nuclear ban treaty via The Star

A survivor of the Hiroshima bombing feels betrayed by Canada and Japan for not joining 122 other countries that voted to adopt the text of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. By SETSUKO THURLOW I am still rejoicing. After more than half a century of warning the world of the horrors that nuclear […]

Someone else can clean it up General Atomics looks to offload uranium Superfund site in Colorado via the San Diego Reader

After more than a decade in mothballs, a subsidiary of San Diego’s General Atomics has indicated that it intends to offload the cleanup work at a uranium mine it owns in central Colorado. The Cañon City facility, owned by the Cotter Corporation, has sat dormant since 2006, and was declared a Superfund site in 1984. […]

Grounded Podcast: Hanford’s Dream of the 90s via Oregon Department of Energy

For more than 40 years, the Hanford Nuclear Site near Richland, Washington produced plutonium for America’s nuclear weapons program. The once top-secret Manhattan Project site ended production in 1989. When the focus at Hanford shifted to cleanup in the early 1990s, the dream was to complete the project in 30 years. On this week’s podcast, […]

The Fallout via Guernica

In St. Louis, America’s nuclear history creeps into the present, leaching into streams and bodies […] Her youngest son was napping when the phone rang. Dawn was sitting on the top bunk in his bedroom folding laundry. The man on the phone introduced himself as Joe Trunko from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. Joe […]

Radiation Alarm Prompts Order for Workers to Seek Cover via The Seattle Times

SPOKANE — Radiation warning alarms sounded Thursday at a former plutonium-production plant in Washington state, prompting a take-cover order that sent about 350 workers seeking cover indoors during the demolition of a plant that for decades had helped make nuclear weapons. The order was lifted about four hours later after low levels of radiation were […]

Radiation and gender: One basis for new nuclear weapons treaty via Pressenza

By the Nuclear Information and Resource Service and the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research This week, an historic nuclear weapons ban proposal was unveiled at the United Nations. The proposed agreement recognizes, for the first time, that nuclear weapons and radiation put women and girls at greater risk than men and boys. The “Draft […]

Latest Hanford alert is another reminder of nuclear industry’s many challenges via The Seattle Times

Nuclear energy seems custom-made as a solution for providing electricity without adding to climate change. But its downsides are big, and they are not only Americans’ fear of meltdowns and mushroom clouds. […] But that happened this past week when a tunnel containing radioactive waste collapsed, prompting the sheltering and evacuation of 4,800 workers. No […]

Tunnel collapse latest safety issue at Washington state nuclear site via Chicago Tribune

Thousands of workers at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation were told to stay home Wednesday as efforts began to plug a hole that developed in the partial collapse of a tunnel containing dangerous radioactive waste from the building of nuclear bomb materials.   […] A 400-square foot section of the tunnel roof was discovered to have […]

Love, loss and nuclear reactors via High Country News

Two new books explore the perspectives of women during the West’s nuclear boom. Dozens of nonfiction books have delved into the history of nuclear facilities in the West and the Manhattan Project, detailing the Department of War’s secret acquisition of land in Los Alamos, the rapid emigration of eminent scientists, and their feverish work to […]

Buyouts coming for homeowners near West Lake Landfill? via St. Louis Post-Dispatch

For some north St. Louis County homeowners, the prospect of exposure to the area’s decades-old radioactive contamination is only one source of concern: Another is what to do with their homes, which could struggle to attract buyers. “They didn’t anticipate buying a house or renting a house in a community that has a legacy of […]

“It’s a Cover-Up, Not a Clean-Up”: Nuclear Waste Smolders in Sites Across the US via Truthout

Renowned wartime journalist Wilfred Burchett described the damage from the atomic bomb that flattened Hiroshima as “far greater than photographs can show.” When it comes to the enduring legacy of the Manhattan Project on home soil, the damage to the environment and human health is proving similarly hard to grasp. The covert project to create […]

Universal Hatches Hiroshima A-Bomb Tale ‘Shockwave’; Cary Fukunaga To Direct, Hossein Amini To Write via Deadline

The book told a story of events that led up to a Monday morning in August 1945 when a five-ton bomb—dubbed Little Boy by its creators—was dropped from an American plane onto the Japanese city of Hiroshima, soon to be followed by another that devastated Nagasaki. The first blast left one-third of its 300,000 people […]

New health survey at nuclear test site details decades of illnesses, deaths via The Santa Fe New Mexican

More than 70 years after the detonation of the first atomic bomb, residents of Southern New Mexico who were unwittingly exposed to the fallout, as well as their descendants and advocates, have released a new report that details the decades of illnesses and deaths they believe were caused by the Trinity Site test, and other […]

Humanity is just two-and-a-half minutes from the apocalypse because of Donald Trump, Doomsday Clock scientists say via Independent

The election of Donald Trump is driving the planet towards oblivion, the elite organisation said Humanity is now just two-and-a-half minutes from midnight, when the world ends, according to the Doomsday Clock. The change means that the earth is closer to oblivion than it has been since 1953. That’s according to the experts who make up […]

A price too high: Rethinking nuclear weapons in light of their human cost via International Review of the Red Cross (IRRC)

A price too high: Rethinking nuclear weapons in light of their human cost The e-briefing you are about to enter shows the catastrophic humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons. These consequences have been known to the world since the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. Yet for many, a full appreciation of the effects […]

Report: Los Alamos to end radioactive on-site waste disposal via Albuquerque Journal

LOS ALAMOS — Amid concerns from regulators over hazardous waste and contamination, a new report says the Los Alamos National Laboratory will stop disposing low-level radioactive waste at its largest waste disposal area by October 2017. A recently released annual environmental report said the lab will end on-site radioactive waste disposal at the storage compound […]

New report details scope of LANL cleanup: 20 years, $4B via Santa Fe/New Mexican

A new draft report detailing the federal government’s plans to clean up decades-old hazardous waste from nuclear weapons production during the World War II-era Manhattan Project and the Cold War says Los Alamos National Laboratory and neighboring areas won’t be free from the legacy waste for more than 20 years, and the project’s costs could […]

Former EPA Head Admits She Was Wrong to Tell New Yorkers Post-9/11 Air Was Safevia Reader Supported News (The Guardian)

Christine Todd Whitman, who as head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under George W Bush at the time of the 9/11 attacks told the public the air around Ground Zero in New York was safe to breathe, has admitted for the first time she was wrong. Among those who were exposed to toxins released […]

Photos show nuclear facilities in dangerous disrepair via CNN

Washington (CNN)US nuclear security facilities are dangerously decrepit and putting national security goals at risk, according to nuclear officials who are asking Congress to back the administration’s push to modernize the system. Nuclear officials described critical utility, safety and support systems that are failing at an increasing and unpredictable rate, as well as their efforts […]

The Link Between Uranium From the Congo and Hiroshima: A Story of Twin Tragedies via Truthout

On August 6 — Hiroshima Day — I participated in a groundbreaking event at the South African Museum in Cape Town entitled The Missing Link: Peace and Security Surrounding Uranium. The event had been organised by the Congolese Civil Society of South Africa to put a spotlight on the link between Japan and the Democratic […]

Final demolition at US uranium enrichment complex via World Nuclear News

National, state and local officials joined nearly 1500 employees on 30 August to watch as the final wall of building K-27 was pulled down. Demolition of the four-storey, 383,000 square foot (36,000 square metre) building began in February. The first gaseous diffusion uranium enrichment facility established at Oak Ridge was K-25, which was built in the […]

How a Nun, a Vet, and a Housepainter Stood Up to the Threat of Nuclear Weapons via The Nation

Dan Zak’s Almighty reminds readers that the United States’ poisonous and very expensive history of nuclear-weapons production is far from over. Dan Zak’s Almighty: Courage, Resistance and Existential Peril in the Nuclear Age is a must read for everyone in this country who has forgotten about nuclear weapons. And that is most of us, isn’t it? […]

The Toxic Legacy of Racism and Nuclear Waste Is Very Much Still With Us in Los Alamos via Alternet

By Taryn Fivek NEW MEXICO—The air is crisp, cool and fresh. The sun is warm, but not too much. Residents picnic at a pond complete with cruising swans and ducks. The vistas of the Jemez Mountains and the mesas of the Pajarito Plateau are breathtaking. Flowers are in bloom. Everything is green. The historical structures […]

Radiation contamination concerns after Cold Water Creek flooding in Hazelwood via Fox2

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Residents at a Hazelwood apartment complex woke up this morning to find their cars submerged after a nearby creek over flowed. There’s more to be worried about then just water damage from Cold Water Creek. The water has receded, but it was a different story, when the parking lot filled […]

Every baby born in 2016 contains atom bomb radiation — here’s why via Tech Insider

Seventy-one years ago Saturday, a United States B-29 bomber named the “Enola Gay” dropped the atomic bomb “Little Boy” over the Japanese city of Hiroshima. The bomb fell just over 29,000 feet from the plane and detonated 1,900 feet above Shima Hospital, an active medical center with a history dating back to the 18th Century. […]

New Yorkers express fears of Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant at documentary screening via Crain’s New York Business

The start of a two-week-long Lincoln Center film screening of Indian Point, a documentary about the controversial nuclear power plant in Buchanan, N.Y., gave New Yorkers an opportunity to share their concerns about their safety five years after the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan. The film offers a look inside the power plant, located 35 […]

When Kodak Accidentally Discovered A-Bomb Testing via Popular Mechanics

By Matt Blitz The ground shook, a brilliant white flash enveloped the sky, and the world changed forever. Code name “Trinity,” the bomb test at dawn on July 16, 1945 in Alamogordo, New Mexico was the first large-scale atomic weapons testing in history. Only three weeks later two atomic bombs were dropped on Japan. More […]

Nuclear ‘Ticking Time Bomb’ Is a Real Threat to New York, but the Feds Don’t Seem to Care via Alternet

By Cliff Weathers / AlterNet June 13, 2016 Photo Credit: credit: Leah Rae. A little more than a year ago, a transformer fire and oil spill reminded the world that Indian Point, an aging nuclear power plant, sits only about 40 miles north of midtown Manhattan. Later it was revealed that the fire was caused […]

Scientists still track health fallout of nuclear bombing of Japan via PBS

[…] MILES O’BRIEN: When I met him in 2012, radiation biophysicist Evan Douple was the associate chief of research at the Radiation Effects Research Foundation. The joint Japanese and U.S. study has been following the survivors of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki for nearly 70 years. […] MILES O’BRIEN: Ninety-four thousand irradiated bomb […]

The Demon Core and the Strange Death of Louis Slotin via The New Yorker

The demonstration began on the afternoon of May 21, 1946, at a secret laboratory tucked into a canyon some three miles from Los Alamos, New Mexico, the birthplace of the atom bomb. Louis Slotin, a Canadian physicist, was showing his colleagues how to bring the exposed core of a nuclear weapon nearly to the point […]

Is This the 4th Recent Nuclear Disaster to Strike the U.S.? via Natural Blaze

Is there any nuclear site in the United States that is not currently collapsing, leaking or otherwise posing a major health or environmental risk? Certainly there are, but that number is becoming smaller and smaller. In addition to three other nuclear disasters unfolding across the country, a fourth has now arisen. This new disaster is […]


The Hanford Nuclear Reservation sits on the plains of eastern Washington, where the state meets Oregon and Idaho. This is open country through which cars pass quickly on the way to the Pacific coast or, conversely, deeper into the heartland. The site is nearly 600 square miles in area and has been largely closed to […]

Make Love Not Bombs via Knoxville Mercury

About a dozen peace seekers carried homemade signs and even broke out an acoustic guitar in front of the John J. Duncan Federal Building in downtown Knoxville today to protest the federal funding of a uranium processing plant being built in Oak Ridge. The picketers, members of the Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance, handed out […]

Ghosts Of Hiroshima Haunt Fuming Landfill Near Ferguson, Missouri via The Seattle Medium

BRIDGETON, Mo. – Outside Ferguson, Missouri, another issue burns. This time, it’s environmental. An underground fire smolders toward radioactive waste tied to the atomic bombs that leveled Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This subterranean inferno threatens to sicken area residents, just 10 miles from the site of the controversial, police-involved death of Michael Brown. Local citizens worry […]

EPA to clean radioactive contamination found on private property next to West Lake Landfill via St. Louis Public Radio

[…] Ed Smith of the Missouri Coalition for the Environment calls Friday’s findings “fairly significant.” “The EPA has said previously that the radioactivity is not off-site and it appears the Missouri Department of Natural Resources has found radioactivity off-site,” he said. “So comprehensive off-site testing all the way around the landfill is needed. We have to […]

Los Alamos team visits Japan to gain perspective on atomic bombings via Santa Fe/New Mexican

[…] Despite the shared history between Los Alamos and the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, where another bomb was dropped on Aug. 9, 1945, New Mexico residents “don’t hear a lot about the Japanese perspective,” said Judith Stauber, director of the Los Alamos Historical Museum. On Thursday, Stauber, museum registrar Stephanie Yeamans and 16-year-old […]

An underground fire is burning near radioactive waste. Don’t worry, EPA says via The Washington Post

Her first clue that something was wrong came as she ran her hands through her baby boy’s hair. “My child was losing his hair in clumps,” Meagan Beckermann recalls. A doctor traced the problem to alopecia areata, an autoimmune disease that can be triggered by environmental factors. A frantic search for a likely source ended when neighbors […]

Pritikin: Hanford park history must include Downwinders via The Spokesman Review

The suffering of Hanford Downwinders exposed to airborne radiation must not be omitted from the stories told in the new Manhattan Project Historic National Park. Admittedly, the stories of cancers, other serious disease, and death in those of us who were children in the path of Hanford’s radiation aren’t part of the picture of scientific […]

Indian Point reactors contaminate New York groundwater via The Ecologist

Highly radioactive tritium has leaked into groundwater at the Indian Point nuclear site 40 miles north of Manhattan, New York, write Sam Thielman & Alan Yuhas. Governor Cuomo has ordered a review of safety at the site, where two reactors are operating with no NRC license. Radioactive material has leaked into the groundwater below a […]

Senate bill to shift oversight of nuclear waste in landfill via The Washington Times

ST. LOUIS (AP) – The U.S. Senate has passed a bill that could transfer oversight of a St. Louis County landfill containing nuclear waste to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and away from the jurisdiction of the Environmental Protection Agency. The measure passed Tuesday still needs approval from the House, where two members from […]

EPA Orders Barrier for Nuclear Waste at Missouri Landfill via ABC News

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday ordered installation of an isolation barrier to make sure that an underground fire does not reach buried nuclear waste at a suburban St. Louis landfill. Mark Hague, EPA regional administrator, said the plan for West Lake Landfill in Bridgeton also calls for additional engineering steps such as cooling […]

Polluted Nuclear Weapons Site to Become Tourist Destination via ABC News

Nicholas K. Geranios, Associated Press The nation’s most polluted nuclear weapons production site is now its newest national park. Thousands of people are expected next year to tour the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, home of the world’s first full-sized nuclear reactor, near Richland, about 200 miles east of Seattle in south-central Washington. They won’t be allowed […]

Opponents of U.S. nuclear bomb ‘glorification’ park seek Japanese support via Asahi World

By Masato Tainaka Residents who fell sick living near the facility that produced plutonium for the Nagasaki atomic bomb are seeking Japanese support for a campaign against an attraction in the United States that they say “glorifies” nuclear weapons. The move by the group called Consequences of Radiation Exposure (CORE) follows the U.S. government’s establishment […]

Movies of Cold War Bomb Tests Hold Nuclear Secrets via Wired

When Greg Spriggs was 11 years old, his father, a Navy man stationed on Midway Island, took him out one night to watch a nuclear bomb explode in space. The year was 1962 and the nuclear test was Starfish Prime, the largest in a series of high-altitude detonations. A rocket shot the 1.4 megaton nuclear warhead […]

Control rod failures force shutdown of nuclear power plant via Wisconsin Gazette

One of the Indian Point nuclear power plant’s reactors was shut down over the weekend after several control rods lost power, the plant owner said, marking the latest in a series of mishaps at the suburban New York plant this year. Control room operators shut down the Indian Point 2 reactor around 5:30 p.m. on […]

U.S. government proposes 17-year delay in start of Hanford nuclear tank cleanup — until 2039 via The Los Angeles Times

The Energy Department has proposed a 17-year delay in building a complex waste treatment plant at its radioactively contaminated Hanford site in Washington state, pushing back the full start-up for processing nuclear bomb waste to 2039. The department submitted the 29-page plan in federal court as part of a suit to amend an agreement with […]

The First Nuclear Reactor Lived Under Some Bleachers by a Football Field via Motherboard

On Nov. 16, 1942, engineers began work on the world’s first nuclear reactor, which was then known as an “atomic pile.” Chicago Pile-1 was a relatively simple affair devised at the University of Chicago under the supervision of the great physicist Enrico Fermi and brought to life in a makeshift lab underneath the stands of […]

Residents in St Louis dying in record numbers from World War II radioactive waste via

N 2011, residents across an American community in St Louis began to notice a chain of inexplicably high incidents of cancer and disease across its population. For decades, both former and current residents from approximately 90 municipalities in the Missouri city were diagnosed with a long list of life-threatening illnesses, including leukaemia, lupus, brain tumours, […]

Is radiation good for you? The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission could decide it is via Ecologist

The well-founded idea that nuclear radiation is dangerous even at the lowest levels is under attack, writes Karl Grossman. Three determined nuclear enthusiasts have filed petitions to the NRC calling on it to apply the doctrine of ‘radiation hormesis’ – that low levels of radiation actually stimulate the immune system and promote better health. Disagree? […]

Nuclear War Theme Parks: Mass Destruction for the Whole Family via Counterpunch

By John Laforge […]Hoping perhaps to show that the bomb from hell can be transformed from a vengeful, self-destructive, nightmare demon, into a benign, peace-loving, fairy-tale prince, nuclear propagandists and their friends in Congress are establishing nuclear war theme parks — without the taint of mass destruction — at former bomb factories and nuclear weapons […]

Army Corps confirms radioactive contamination in yards by Coldwater Creek via St. Louis Post-Dispatch

HAZELWOOD • Officials in charge of cleaning up pollution left over from the country’s early nuclear weapons program say there’s radioactive contamination in several residential yards that back up to Coldwater Creek. The Army Corps of Engineers confirmed Wednesday that it had discovered what it described as “low-level” radioactive contamination from thorium 230, a uranium […]

A Grim Animation of All the Nuclear Explosions in History via Citylab

Watch the Atomic Age evolve from 1945 to 2013. Detonations from the early days of the Atomic Age through present times are all represented in this grim visualization of the planet’s nuclear activity. Orbital Mechanics, a Montreal-based “electronic music and visual trio,” created the animation to reflect on the 70th anniversary of 1945’s seminal “Trinity” […]

BBC Four Goes Nuclear via BBC

The BBC has today announced BBC Four Goes Nuclear – a season of programmes around the 70th anniversary of Hiroshima. The season leads with the one-off documentary, Britain’s Nuclear Secrets: Inside Sellafield, giving audiences unprecedented access to one of Britain’s most iconic nuclear facilities. Other programmes in the season include the film War Book, a […]

Karl Grossman: There is no “peaceful nuclear power” via

[…] Although enriched uranium was the fuel used in the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, plutonium was the fuel in the atomic bomb that devastated Nagasaki—and virtually all atomic bombs ever since have used plutonium, not enriched uranium. Gathering plutonium for atomic bombs from spent fuel from a nuclear power plant can be accomplished by […]

West Lake Landfill may be more contaminated than previously thought, company says via St. Louis Post-Dispatch

In a revelation that could shake up oversight and liability at the contaminated West Lake Landfill, one of the companies involved says some of the radioactive waste may have come from sources officials have yet to acknowledge. “There’s some evidence that there could be other waste streams there,” said Craig Nesbit, a spokesman for Exelon […]

In a small town in Washington state, pride and shame over atomic legacy via AlJazeera

Richland High School’s controversial mascot honors the community’s role in producing the plutonium dropped on Nagasaki RICHLAND, Wash. — The workers inside Hanford’s nuclear reactors in the early 1940s knew their jobs were important, even if many of them didn’t know why. They worked hard, and for that they were paid well, tucking their children […]

Heaven Can’t Wait It’s time to panic about the poisons of Coldwater Creek via St. Louis

Your federal government has become positively jovial in addressing radioactive waste contamination in North County’s Coldwater Creek. Upon revealing in June that radioactive waste had been newly discovered along the creek above two municipal parks and some property owned by the Archdiocese of St. Louis, a spokesman for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers had this […]

70 Years Later, Health Impacts of First US Nuclear Detonation Still Being Felt via Reuters

People who lived near the site of the first atomic bomb test in the New Mexico desert and later developed cancer and other health problems need to be compensated, a U.S. senator said Thursday. The federal government neglected residents of the historic Hispanic village of Tularosa near the Trinity Site, where the weapon was detonated […]

 ‘Los Alamos will never be clean’ via The Santa Fe New Mexican

ID CANYON — A dirt trail shaded by ponderosa pines drops down the slope of this small canyon below the Los Alamos Nature Center and a recreation center. The canyon became a dumping ground during the Manhattan Project. Old pipes, washing machines, culverts and other debris from the era were tossed into the canyon by […]

Hollywood and the downwinders still grapple with nuclear fallout via The Guardian

The US turned swathes of desert radioactive during the cold war and denied it, bequeathing a medical mystery that still haunts Hollywood and rural Mormon communities and raises the question: how much do you trust the government? The photograph shows John Wayne with his two sons during a break in filming on the set of […]

Radioactive site continues to plague St. Louis residents and region via

In North Saint Louis County, Missouri, in the City of Bridgeton, there is a ticking time bomb in the form of several contiguous landfills which contain radioactive waste and all the “daughter products” associated with weapons-grade uranium processing. Most notably, the site in question, the West Lake landfill, has the largest concentration in the nation […]

US nuclear plant explosion: transformer failure caused fire but no injuries via The Guardian

Indian Point nuclear facility 40 miles from New York city shuts down after a transformer failure, but owner says public and employees not in danger A transformer failed at the Indian Point nuclear power plant in suburban New York, causing a fire that forced an automatic shutdown of a reactor. The fire was quickly extinguished […]

Giant Gas Pipeline to Flank NY Nuclear Plant via Huffington Post

A very large gas pipeline will soon skirt the Indian Point Energy Center (IPEC), an aging nuclear power plant that stands in the town of Cortlandt in Westchester County, New York, 30 miles north of Manhattan. The federal agencies that have permitted the project have bowed to two corporations — the pipeline’s owner, Spectra Energy, […]

Trinity Test Site Opening to Face Protest from Residents via The New York Times

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Seven decades after an atomic bomb helped end World War II, descendants of families near a New Mexico test want tourists to know residents suffered for years afterward and some of their children may have been affected. Hundreds of visitors are expected Saturday to visit the Trinity Test site as federal officials […]

America’s Radioactive National Park via Who, What, Why

By Paul DiRienzo Among the items in the $600 billion National Defense Authorization Act passed by Congress last year is a measure establishing the Manhattan Project National Historical Park, which encompasses three sites central to the development of nuclear weapons. […] Former Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich, a vocal opponent of commemorating the Manhattan Project, had […]

Santa Clara activist works to find balance among disparate cultures via Santa Fe New Mexican

Marian Naranjo remembers too well the day her passions for truth-telling and conflict resolution were born. Naranjo was a third-grader in a school in Tooele, Utah. Men from Santa Clara Pueblo, including her father, worked for long periods at the Army depot there and brought their families with them to live at the post, which […]