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Roger Hildebrand, U. of C. physicist who worked on the Manhattan Project, dies at 98 via Hyde Park Herald

Roger Hildebrand, who worked on the Manhattan Project as a teenager before becoming a particle physicist and astronomer at the University of Chicago, died on Jan. 21 in Lexington, Massachusetts. Hildebrand, who lived in Hyde Park for more than 65 … Continue reading

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Flashback: Secret experiments in a Cook County preserve aided atomic bomb efforts — and left nuclear waste behind via Chicago Tribune

[…] If you walk down the wrong path, you’re going to miss it. And if you visit too close to dusk, you might get lost trying to leave. That was probably the intent of the scientists who were doing nuclear … Continue reading

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Nuclear Carnival via The Point

By Emilio Comay del Junco This critical stopover in the Midwest is not one that the University of Chicago would like anyone to forget. In commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the first artificial nuclear reaction, it staged a series … Continue reading

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A Hydrogen Bomb by Any Other Name by The New Yorker

This isn’t the first time that experts have sparred over what is, and what isn’t, an H-bomb. In a long, dull official speech about the budget of the Soviet Union, given in early August of 1953, Premier Georgy Malenkov announced … Continue reading

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The First Nuclear Reactor Lived Under Some Bleachers by a Football Field via Motherboard

On Nov. 16, 1942, engineers began work on the world’s first nuclear reactor, which was then known as an “atomic pile.” Chicago Pile-1 was a relatively simple affair devised at the University of Chicago under the supervision of the great … Continue reading

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Granddaughter of scientist involved in developing atomic bombs visits Hiroshima and Nagasaki via Hiroshima Peace Media Center

by Yumi Kanazaki, Staff Writer Olivia Fermi, 57, the granddaughter of Enrico Fermi (1901-54), a scientist involved in the Manhattan Project which developed the atomic bombs, has paid her first visits to the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The purpose … Continue reading

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Women Respond to the Manhattan Project via Olivia Fermi

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Did a WWII nuclear experiment make the U of C radioactive? Um, No. But did the Manhattan Project’s Enrico Fermi consider the risk to Chicago? via WBEZ

[…] Chicago Pile 1 was never meant to be under the University of Chicago’s former football field. Project managers originally wanted the full experiment to run in the Red Gate Woods, southwest of the city. But builders at Red Gate … Continue reading

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Seventy years since historic nuclear chain reaction via World Nuclear News

Seventy years have passed since a team of 49 scientists, led by Italian-born Enrico Fermi, succeeded in creating the world’s first self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction. […] The Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) published a video in July to commemorate the scientific … Continue reading

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