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Govt needs to thoroughly explain nuclear fuel cycle project to U.S. via The Japan News

The nuclear fuel cycle project, which reuses spent nuclear fuel from nuclear power plants, is the main pillar of Japan’s nuclear power policy. In view of the serious energy situation, it is essential to make efforts to win understanding on … Continue reading

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Aboriginal women reaffirm fight against nuclear waste dump in South Australia via ABC Online

The first shipment of Australia’s nuclear waste to be returned from re-processing in France has now left a French port, and will arrive on our shores by the end of the year. The return of the 25 tonnes of nuclear … Continue reading

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Editorial: Japan must earnestly take up issue of spent nuclear fuel disposal via The Mainichi

For half a century, Japan has stuck to a “nuclear fuel cycle” policy under which all spent nuclear fuel from the nation’s nuclear power plants was to be reprocessed and used again in nuclear reactors. However, no efforts have been … Continue reading

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Got plutonium? Bury it via Ars Technica

Plutonium can be used to make nuclear bombs. But it can also be recycled and used as a fuel in nuclear reactors. According to the authors of a Nature editorial, the UK—which has the largest civilian stockpile of plutonium, around 90 tons—should … Continue reading

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