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Wanted: blogger to tout the charms of Fukushima via The Japan Times

MAR 8, 2015 FUKUSHIMA – Fukushima is looking to recruit someone willing to visit the prefecture and help publicize its tourist appeal on a blog or other social media platform. The position pays ¥10,000 an hour. Applications should be filed … Continue reading

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Why vote for nuclear disarmament? via The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

By Kennette Benedict Most efforts to achieve a world free of nuclear weapons happen at the highest levels of government and international organizations. But while heads of state appear to have the power to reduce nuclear arsenals, they need help. … Continue reading

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Got plutonium? Bury it via Ars Technica

Plutonium can be used to make nuclear bombs. But it can also be recycled and used as a fuel in nuclear reactors. According to the authors of a Nature editorial, the UK—which has the largest civilian stockpile of plutonium, around 90 tons—should … Continue reading

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People gather to show support for nuclear plant employees via Brattleboro Reformer

Monday October 24, 2011 VERNON — Supporters of Vermont Yankee spent several hours Sunday holding signs outside of the main entrance of the nuclear power plant to thank employees, whose jobs could be in jeopardy. The plant is in the … Continue reading

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Whitman: Power economy with nuclear energy via Richmond Times-Dispatch

By: CHRISTINE TODD WHITMAN Published: October 17, 2011 Amid our national economic slump, it makes sense to look for high-potential, high-growth industries to help Americans get back to work. In Virginia, energy development and production is an industry that has … Continue reading

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The Kaminoseki Nuclear Power Plant: Community Conflicts and the Future of Japan’s Rural Periphery via Japan Focus

Tomomi Yamaguchi Summary The article explores the controversy surrounding the construction of the Kaminoseki nuclear power plant in Yamaguchi prefecture. While briefly introducing opposition activism against the plant, I introduce the voices of proponents of the plant. By doing so, … Continue reading

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In Japan, a Culture That Promotes Nuclear Dependency via The New York Times

KASHIMA, Japan — When the Shimane nuclear plant was first proposed here more than 40 years ago, this rural port town put up such fierce resistance that the plant’s would-be operator, Chugoku Electric, almost scrapped the project. Angry fishermen vowed … Continue reading

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