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Leave uranium in the ground via Beyond Nuclear

By Günter Wippel Just over 30 years ago — on April 10, 1988 — seven indigenous activists from different parts of the world set out on a three-week public awareness tour through Germany. They called their tour “Leave Uranium in … Continue reading

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Hopi and Navajo Miners Protest the Closure of the Largest Coal Plant in the West via Reader Supported News (Grist)

By Justine Calma, Grist […] The coal plant provides steady employment for nearby Native American communities and funds public services. But it also leads them to lean heavily on the mining industry and takes a toll on people’s health. As natural … Continue reading

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Australian nuclear waste dump divides tiny outback town via Aljazeera

  Hawker, South Australia – The towering mountains of the Flinders Ranges stand imposingly against the hundreds-of-kilometres-long stretch of flat, desolate country. While the mountains are named after the British explorer who trekked them in the early 19th century, the indigenous … Continue reading

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Hundreds march against nuclear dumping in South Australia via 9news

Hundreds of land owners have converged in Adelaide’s city centre to resist the South Australian government’s plans for two nuclear waste dumps in the state’s north. Groups opposing the government’s plans to store high-level waste from other countries have flooded … Continue reading

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Sixty years on, the Maralinga bomb tests remind us not to put security over safety via The Sydney Morning Herald

Liz Tynan […] RAF and RAAF aircraft prepare to fly through the billowing cloud to gather samples. The cloud rises much higher than predicted and, despite the delay, the winds are still unsuitable for atmospheric nuclear testing. The radioactive cloud … Continue reading

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Chromium plume from Los Alamos threatens New Mexico Native American tribe, drinking water via RT

Hexavalent chromium may not be familiar to the average American ‒ but Erin Brockovich likely is. A plume of the same toxic chemical that led to a movie based on Brockovich is now threatening a Native American tribe’s sacred lands … Continue reading

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【petition】Grand Canyon: Radiation alert via Avaaz

Dear friends across the US, My people have lived for centuries in the Grand Canyon, and I hope my children’s children will get to enjoy this incredible place. But crazy plans for new radioactive uranium mines around the Grand Canyon … Continue reading

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Indigenous Groups Pulled Out Of Sydney’s Climate March When Nuclear Power Came To The Party via Buzzfeed News

[…] Redfern Aboriginal Tent Embassy and SOS Blak Australia Sydney boycotted the march, claiming the Aboriginal community didn’t support the nuclear movement. “The group Nuclear For Climate Change has been allowed to take part in the People’s Climate March in … Continue reading

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Aboriginal women reaffirm fight against nuclear waste dump in South Australia via ABC Online

The first shipment of Australia’s nuclear waste to be returned from re-processing in France has now left a French port, and will arrive on our shores by the end of the year. The return of the 25 tonnes of nuclear … Continue reading

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Muckaty Station owners propose new site for nuclear waste dump via The Guardian

Traditional owners have reopened the case for siting Australia’s first nuclear waste dump at Muckaty Station in the Northern Territory, just months after a bitter seven-year dispute appeared to have ended. In June the Northern Land Council abandoned its nomination … Continue reading

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