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Unacceptable suffering via Beyond Nuclear International

By Kate Hudson New treaties are not often greeted with the recognition and enthusiasm that they merit. They can seem dry and legalistic, overladen with clauses and dusty formulations. But the reality is that treaties are often the bringing into … Continue reading

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Deb Abrahamson, environmental activist on Spokane Reservation, dies at 66 via KREM2

Author: Morgan Trau (KREM) The Spokane Tribe blames mining pollution and uranium contamination for the cancer that ultimately took Abrahamson’s life. SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash — A life of service was cut short on New Year’s Day. Longtime activist on the Spokane … Continue reading

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Rio Tinto-owned company in dispute with Federal Government over Kakadu uranium mine via ABC News

The Ranger Uranium Mine in Kakadu is looming as the next great test of mining giant Rio Tinto, following the international outcry over the destruction of the 46,000-year-old Juukan caves in the Pilbara. Key points: Operations at the Ranger Uranium … Continue reading

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The Biggest Radioactive Spill in US History via Vox

How the US poisoned Navajo Nation. As World War Two was ending, the growing nuclear arms race put the US in need of uranium. It turned to Navajo Nation, where the uranium mining industry thrived for four decades — but … Continue reading

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Nuclear Power As an Environmental Justice Issue via NEIS

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#75 years of resilence via #stillhere

The hibakusha, or those who survived the nuclear attacks in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, are the best known nuclear survivors, but they are not the only ones. Downwinders grew up near America’s nuclear testing and production sites in places like Utah, … Continue reading

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Opinion: Fukushima nuclear waste decision also a human rights issue via The Mainichi

By Baskut Tuncak TOKYO (Kyodo) — In a matter of weeks, the government of Japan will have the opportunity to demonstrate to the world how much it values protecting human rights and the environment and to meet its international obligations. … Continue reading

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Canadian utility formally drops underground radioactive waste storage next to Lake Huron via Detroit Free Press

Keith Matheny, An Ontario nuclear power generating company has officially dropped its pursuit of a deep underground storage facility for low- to intermediate-level radioactive waste within a half-mile of Lake Huron. […] With that, OPG’s more than 16-year pursuit of … Continue reading

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Assaulted by massacres, smallpox, uranium mining, and pipelines Native Tribes are standing up for their rights on Covid-19 protection via Beyond Nuclear International

By Linda Pentz Gunter Native Americans have largely been left out of the conversation about Covid-19 even though they have some of the highest infection rates in the country. They’ve been here before; with massacres, smallpox, pipelines, and the ravages of uranium … Continue reading

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#466 – Navajo Nation’s Covid/Uranium Mining Connection Janene Yazzie via Nuclear Hotseat

This Week’s Featured Interview:  Navajo Nation’s Janene Yazzie is a community organizer and human rights advocate who has worked on development and energy issues with indigenous communities across the United States. Among her many positions, she is Sustainable Development Program Coordinator for International Indian … Continue reading

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