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By renaming new Utah monument Shash Jaa, is Trump trying to divide Native American tribes? via Salt Lake Tribune

President Donald Trump not only trimmed and broke up the Bears Ears National Monument when he visited Utah last week. He also renamed it with the Navajo-language term for Bears Ears, a gesture that could be courting trouble with many … Continue reading

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Trump’s message for tribes: Let them eat yellowcake via High Country News

By Jacqueline Keeler Uranium, it’s now part of Navajo DNA. With over 500 abandoned uranium mines on the Navajo Nation, people living near these mines are exposed daily to radiation exposure at a rate several times higher than normal background … Continue reading

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Uranium Firm Urged Trump Officials to Shrink Bears Ears National Monument via Washington Post

 uranium company launched a concerted lobbying campaign to scale back Bears Ears National Monument, saying such action would give it easier access to the area’s uranium deposits and help it operate a nearby processing mill, according to documents obtained by … Continue reading

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【petition】Grand Canyon: Radiation alert via Avaaz

Dear friends across the US, My people have lived for centuries in the Grand Canyon, and I hope my children’s children will get to enjoy this incredible place. But crazy plans for new radioactive uranium mines around the Grand Canyon … Continue reading

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Nuclear War Theme Parks: Mass Destruction for the Whole Family via Counterpunch

By John Laforge […]Hoping perhaps to show that the bomb from hell can be transformed from a vengeful, self-destructive, nightmare demon, into a benign, peace-loving, fairy-tale prince, nuclear propagandists and their friends in Congress are establishing nuclear war theme parks … Continue reading

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