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Noisy support for an obvious failure via Beyond Nuclear International

By Andrew Stirling and Phil Johnstone At Edinburgh’s Haymarket station, on the route used by COP26 delegates hopping across to Glasgow last November, a large poster displayed a vista from the head of Loch Shiel. In the foreground, a monument … Continue reading

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Pro-nuclear environmentalists in call to scrap Hinkley C plans via The Guardian

Three leading experts urge government to end nuclear project saying delays will create panicked scramble back to fossil fuels Three leading environmentalists who broke ranks to give their support to a new generation of nuclear plants have now urged the … Continue reading

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Breast cancer and nuclear power – statistics reveal the link ‘they’ wanted to hide via The Ecologist

The link between nuclear power and cancer is real, writes Chris Busby, and revealed in the UK’s cancer statistics – if only you look for it. Previous approaches have focused on rare cancers over large, poorly selected populations. But look … Continue reading

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The BBC, Friends of the Earth and nuclear power via The Ecologist

At first it looked like a journalistic coup, writes Neil Crumpton – the BBC’s ‘scoop’ that FOE was no longer opposed to nuclear power. Except that FOE remains firmly anti-nuclear as it has been for decades. The spotlight must now … Continue reading

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Fukushima Meltdown’s 2nd Anniversary Brings Protests Against Japan’s Reliance on Nuclear Power via Democracy Now!

Japan stands at a crossroads over its reliance on nuclear power as the country marks the second anniversary of one of the world’s worst atomic disasters. On March 11, 2011, a massive earthquake triggered a devastating tsunami that struck Japan’s … Continue reading

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We don’t need nuclear power to meet climate goals and keep the lights on via the guardian

It would be a folly to think that there is no hope of tackling climate change without nuclear power Making the case for new nuclear this week, George Monbiot admitted that, what with the proposed nuclear waste dump in Cumbria … Continue reading

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Nuclear Power: Powerful Groups Skew debate and Cover Up True Extent of Health Risks via The South African Civil Society Information Service

s the row over nuclear power grows, Sadie Robinson spoke to scientist and activist Dr Helen Caldicott about the dangers of nuclear power, the powerful interests that back it and how we can win a better world. The environmentalist George Monbiot … Continue reading

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We cannot wish Britain’s nuclear waste away via The Guardian

Opponents of nuclear power who shout down suggestions of how to use spent waste as fuel will not make the problem disappear Duncan Clark’s article in the Guardian today should cause even the most determined anti-nuclear campaigner to think long … Continue reading

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