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Noisy support for an obvious failure via Beyond Nuclear International

By Andrew Stirling and Phil Johnstone At Edinburgh’s Haymarket station, on the route used by COP26 delegates hopping across to Glasgow last November, a large poster displayed a vista from the head of Loch Shiel. In the foreground, a monument … Continue reading

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Pro-nuclear environmentalists in call to scrap Hinkley C plans via The Guardian

Three leading experts urge government to end nuclear project saying delays will create panicked scramble back to fossil fuels Three leading environmentalists who broke ranks to give their support to a new generation of nuclear plants have now urged the … Continue reading

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A false fix for climate change via The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

John Dudley Miller In Nuclear 2.0: Why a Green Future Needs Nuclear Power, British environmental activist and author Mark Lynas proposes a solution to Earth’s most pressing problem: To halt global warming by 2030—that is, to keep the average temperature … Continue reading

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Should the World Increase Its Reliance on Nuclear Energy? via The Wall Street Journal

The Fukushima nuclear disaster last year in Japan changed the discussion of nuclear power. Suddenly, for many people, the dangers of a nuclear accident overshadowed the promise of nuclear power as a clean, readily available source of energy. Around the … Continue reading

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Nuclear Power: Powerful Groups Skew debate and Cover Up True Extent of Health Risks via The South African Civil Society Information Service

s the row over nuclear power grows, Sadie Robinson spoke to scientist and activist Dr Helen Caldicott about the dangers of nuclear power, the powerful interests that back it and how we can win a better world. The environmentalist George Monbiot … Continue reading

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