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Please sign our petition to ask CNN to feature a panel discussion after the film that will help check the falsehoods presented in the film via Physicians for Social Responsibility

Dear Activist, CNN is set to air the pro-nuclear “documentary” film, Pandora’s Promise in November. The film claims to document environmentalist converts to nuclear power, but is riddled with gross factual errors, straw man arguments, and populated by blatant shills … Continue reading

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A false fix for climate change via The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

John Dudley Miller In Nuclear 2.0: Why a Green Future Needs Nuclear Power, British environmental activist and author Mark Lynas proposes a solution to Earth’s most pressing problem: To halt global warming by 2030—that is, to keep the average temperature … Continue reading

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A Nuclear Submariner Challenges a Pro-Nuclear Film via the New York Times

John Dudley Miller, a former nuclear engineering officer in the Navy with a doctorate in social psychology and a long career in journalism, sent this “Your Dot” critique of “Pandora’s Promise,” the new documentary defending nuclear power, and the more … Continue reading

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Nuclear renaissance was just a fairy tale via The Guardian

The promise of cheap, low-carbon power – with 31 new reactors in the US – was based on rhetoric and obedience. Anyone who doubts that should read the new status report on the industry Nuclear power requires obedience, not transparency. … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Put “Pandora’s Promise” Back in the Box via Union of Concerned Scientists

There’s nothing I enjoy more than a good documentary: one that makes its case in a compelling way without resorting to crude propaganda techniques or insulting the intelligence of its audience. A good documentary treats opposing views with respect but … Continue reading

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