Answering a Call from Global First Responders via Gender+Radiation Impact Project (GRIP)

Mary Olson — April 3, 2020
It was the last day of January when Magnus Lovold, Policy Advisor to the Arms Unit, International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), called to invite Gender and Radiation Impact Project to speak on the disproportionate harm from ionizing radiation exposure to girls and women at a one-day ‘expert consultation’ on the Humanitarian Impacts of Nuclear Weapons in the ICRC offices in Geneva, Switzerland, in March.

My talk that day in Vienna is among the videos on this website. ICRC was a strong supporter the Vienna Conference as the Red Cross / Red Crescent was the first global organization to call for the termination of the production and use of nuclear weapons, in 1945, immediately following the destruction of Hiroshima…before the United Nations had been formed.

I joined a panel that focused on ongoing research on the consequences of the use of nuclear weapons and how impossible it would be for humanitarian institutions to respond. I shared the basic finding that radiation is more harmful to girls and to women compared to boys and men and then offered the research questions that I identified in my recent peer-reviewed paper “Disproportionate Impact of Radiation and Radiation Regulation.”


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