Regulators to retain radiation monitoring posts via NHK World

Japan’s nuclear regulators have decided to retain for the time being radiation monitoring posts in Fukushima Prefecture to ease residents’ concerns.

About 3,000 monitoring posts were set up at schools and other locations across the prefecture after the March 2011 accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

The Nuclear Regulation Authority decided in March last year to remove by the end of March 2021 about 2,400 posts placed outside areas where residents were told to evacuate. The authority explained that radiation levels have remained low around these posts.

The authority briefed prefectural residents on its decision 18 times, but repeatedly met opposition to the posts’ removal.

Residents said there are still rumors of high radiation, and that they’re still worried about their health. Others said posts are needed to confirm that radiation levels are low.

Municipal assemblies have also called for keeping the posts.


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