Letter: It’s time to get rid of nuclear power via Reading Eagle

Situation is not as rosy as industry advocates claim.

I recently received a brochure from Nuclear Powers Pennsylvania asking me to urge my senator to support subsidizing the state’s nuclear power industry. It provided a one-sided perspective of the negative impacts to Pennsylvania’s environment and economy if nuclear reactors are closed.

The brochure didn’t address how the technology of nuclear power has outpaced the solution for safe disposal of its waste. Communities don’t want to be the repository for radioactive waste with a half-life of 10,000 years. Subsidizing this industry will only create more radioactive waste.

No mention was made of the Price-Anderson Act, which protects nuclear companies from incurring catastrophic liability claims over $12.6 billion.

If there were a catastrophe, U.S. taxpayers would foot the bill for anything over that amount.


As someone who lives within 70 miles of three nuclear plants, I believe it is time to cut our losses and look to the future by subsidizing clean, decentralized, renewable energy, not nuclear power.
Linda Wood
Greenwich Township

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