Fukushima Death Fish are ready to blast off via Star

Melinda McMillan

IT BEGAN with the Sugargob and ended up with Fukushima Death Fish – that is the journey so far for one Newcastle act. 

Fukushima Death Fish formed about 12 months ago.

“It used to be another band called Sugargob,”  said Erik Flett, who plays bass and clarinet in the band. 
“It used to be an electronic duo … but over the last year we have evolved into the Death Fish that we now know and love.”

The band chose a name which delivered a bit of warning on the environment. 

“Fukushima is, as you probably know, the area of Japan which had the nuclear reactor, and where the catastrophe happened,” Flett said. 
“The Death Fish is a manifestation, if you will, of the environmental effect, where you get birth defects and terrible cancers.”

The band even has a mascot, borrowed from an episode of The Simpsons.
“There is a bit of a running gag with Blinky the three-eyed fish,” Flett said.


The band has begun to record its first EP, which they hope to release, on CD and digitally, by the end of the year. 

Find out about gigs on Facebook: facebook.com/fukushimadeathfish

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