Baker has authority to order Pilgrim closure [letter] via the Cape Cod Times

Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station has put Cape Cod residents, animals, summer tourists and the land itself in dire straits. Boston and surroundings are also at ground zero.

When Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant melted down, John V. Roos, our ambassador to Japan at the time, said, “Consistent with the NRC guidelines that apply to such a situation in the United States, we are recommending, as a precaution, that American citizens who live within 50 miles … of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant evacuate the area or to take shelter indoors if safe evacuation is not practical.” Pilgrim’s is a Mark 1 boiling water reactor, the same model as at Fukushima.

Gov. Charlie Baker is at risk at work and at home. Boston is 34 miles from Pilgrim as the crow flies. Baker’s home in Swampscott is 38 miles away. I live in Watertown, 39 miles away.

Baker is the public safety and public health officer of Massachusetts. We the people need him to be our voice to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission now.



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