The Story of the Lost Nuke via The Documentary Films


It’s one of the worst case scenarios in the nuclear age, and it occurred on February 13, 1950. Flying over restricted airspace across the Canadian border, a United States Air Force bomber experienced massive engine failure, and the crew were forced to abandon their craft in mid-air. The plane went down in the remote mountain ranges of British Columbia. Several crew members went down with it, as well as its perilous cargo: a Mark IV nuclear bomb.

The Story of the Lost Nuke valiantly attempts to retrace the frightful events of that flight, the astonishing aftermath of the crash, and the possible cover-up which remains active to this day. The filmmakers set out to find answers to a series of mysteries that endure even after more than fifty years. Surviving crew members refuse to divulge relevant details, and integral segments of official military documents remain sealed or redacted from public view. For decades, speculation has swirled that the plane was hosting a mission involving nuclear detonation during the dawning of the Cold War. But the official story contends that the flight was merely a training run, and that the bomb lacked the plutonium core required for a nuclear explosion.


The film features the efforts of investigators who view detailed photographic evidence, as well as the twisted sheets of debris that remain stationed at the rigged mountainous region where the crash occurred all those years ago.

During the course of the film, the audience happens upon a series of exciting clues right alongside the featured team of investigators. The Story of the Lost Nuke is a rare example of documentary filmmaking that manages to change the course of the history it investigates.

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