Fukushima towns look set to bite on new offer of more money for storage facilities via The Asahi Shimbun

The central government has offered to double the amount of grants to be paid if local municipalities in Fukushima Prefecture accept the construction of temporary storage facilities for radioactive debris produced by the 2011 nuclear accident.
“In the end, it will come down to money,” Ishihara said June 16, angering the local governments and sending the negotiations into a stall.
Tons of debris collected during decontamination work is currently stored at makeshift sites across Fukushima Prefecture.

The government plans to store all the debris for 30 years in “intermediate storage facilities” that are planned to be constructed in Okuma and Futaba.

The 301 billion yen will be classified into three categories. The first (150 billion yen) category is for “grants for the intermediate storage facilities.” The second (100 billion yen) is for “grants for reconstruction of Fukushima,” and the third (51 billion yen) is an increase of conventional “grants for areas that host electricity sources.”

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