Scots taxpayers face multi-billion pound bill for nuclear weapons if plans to renew Trident are backed warns minister via The Daily Record

VETERANS Minister Keith Brown says renewal would impact on conventional forces and cash would be better spent tackling poverty.[…]
The UK Government is due to make a decision about renewing the programme in 2016.

The Scottish Government has set out plans to remove Trident from Scotland if the country backs a Yes vote in the independence referendum.

Speaking during a debate at Holyrood, Brown said the decision on renewal “appears to have already been made”, with the Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and Labour backing the retention of Trident.

The cost of renewal will also have implications for the UK’s conventional defence forces, Brown added.

“The Scottish Government position is that Trident should be removed from an independent Scotland by 2020 – before we are hit with a share of the further £100billion in lifetime costs, at 2012 prices, which are estimated for its replacement,” he said.

“We will also propose a constitutional prohibition on nuclear weapons being based in Scotland, ensuring they would never return.

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