Sellafield plans new £1.5bn framework for decommissioning specialists via The Construction Index

Sellafield Ltd is looking for specialist suppliers to help with nuclear decommissioning at its Cumbria site. The work will be for 10 years and will be valued at up to £1.5bn.

It is advertising for specialist contractors to join its decommissioning delivery partnership (DDP), a framework of prequalified firms that can be called on.

Chief decommissioning officer Jack DeVine explained: “Our job in decommissioning is very simple and very, very important – it is to accelerate risk-and hazard-reduction at Sellafield.  To help us complete this clean-up mission, and building on our own experience, we are adding a new dimension to our engagement with the supply chain.  Essentially we will put in place a commercial mechanism so that we can very quickly and efficiently pull together specialist resources for decommissioning work to supplement our existing workforce.

“Some 11,000 people work at Sellafield and I have no doubt that there is nowhere else in the world with the same concentration of nuclear experience and skills.  However, we’ve committed to accelerating the clean-up of Sellafield and to do this we need external assistance to carry out specialist work that we can’t cover with our own in-house workforce.”

Sellafield Ltd currently receives decommissioning services through a four-year decommissioning framework agreement (DFA2), which was awarded to Astrel, Cumbria Nuclear Solution Ltd, DEV Nuclear and Nuvia Ltd in June 2011. Sellafield said that while this arrangement had been helpful, four-year frameworks “do not permit adequate continuity in the long-term for complex programmes such as decommissioning”.

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