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People in Fukushima there have been dealing with damage from the tsunami, and also with the effects of the nuclear crisis.


Saitou visited his house about a year after the disaster. He was able to stay for only a few hours. He was devastated by what he saw.
His spinach greenhouses were overgrown with weeds and rats had invaded his home.
Still, Saitou did not give up hope that someday he would return.
But last year he received another shock. The government announced a plan to build a storage facility for nuclear waste in Saitou’s hometown. His property is on the proposed site. The facility would hold radioactive soil collected from areas across northeastern Japan for 30 years.
Saitou knows if that plan goes through, he’ll never return to Futaba.
 “I remember my hometown. And I wonder, why were we forced to leave? Why do we have to be here? I want the government to decontaminate our land and save our community, no matter how long it takes.”
Many evacuees are still living in limbo, 3 years after the disaster. Saitou is still hanging on to the hope that he will be able to return to his house and farm…a hope that he knows is growing more distant by the day.

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