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Leak in massive Hanford nuclear waste tank getting worse via King5.com

RICHLAND, Wash. — Workers have found more waste leaking between the walls of a nuclear storage tank on the Hanford Nuclear Reservation. The waste was found in a new place between the walls of one of the 28 double shell … Continue reading

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Kelp Watch 2014: Cal State Long Beach marine biologists look at effects of Fukushima fallout via the Long-Beach Press Telegram

LONG BEACH >> Researchers from Cal State Long Beach on Thursday gathered their first samples of kelp during a 90-minute excursion past Long Beach’s breakwater to study the impact of radioactive contamination from the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan. … Continue reading

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Old nuclear reactors can’t save the climate via Greenpeace

So why did hundreds of Greenpeace activists take action yesterday? Because 44% of the reactors in Europe are just too old to still be on line. They acted to illustrate to the world the risk which these nuclear reactors pose … Continue reading

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Marine life revival off San Onofre’s shores via San Diego Union-Tribune

Before a small radiation leak shut down the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station in early 2012, ocean pipes drew in 2.4 billion gallons of water a day to cool twin nuclear reactors, sucking in and killing fish, larvae and eggs … Continue reading

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安倍首相の地元・山口で反原発集会 県内最大の規模 via 朝日新聞

東日本大震災から3年を迎えるのを前に、中国電力上関原発(山口県上関町)の建設計画に反対する大規模集会が8日、山口市の維新百年記念公園であった。山口選出の安倍晋三首相は原発再稼働に突き進むが、参加者は「NON」と書かれた紙を掲げ、原発反対の姿勢を鮮明にした。 集まったのは約7千人(主催者発表)。山口県内であった反原発集会としては過去最大規模になった。 集会の共同呼びかけ人の児童文学作家那須正幹さんは「広島で3歳で被爆し、放射線の怖さは身に染みて知っている。もう原発とは手を切ろう」。「上関原発を建てさせない祝島(いわいしま)島民の会」の清水敏保代表は「皆さんと連帯し、上関原発が白紙撤回されるまで闘っていく」と訴えた。 続きは安倍首相の地元・山口で反原発集会 県内最大の規模

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Thousands rally for end to nuclear Taiwan via gulfnews.com

Worries about Taiwan’s atomic facilities have grown since a 9.0-magnitude earthquake and tsunami struck Japan in 2011 Taipei: Tens of thousands marched in Taiwan on Saturday to call for an end to nuclear energy on the island, ahead of the … Continue reading

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