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US Puts Major Strings On Offer To Help With Fukushima Disaster via SimplyInfo

US Energy Secretary Moniz offered “international help” with the Fukushima disaster but it comes with some big strings attached.

Ex-SKF discovered that the US is holding help hostage by demanding Japan sign a nuclear liability treaty in trade for assistance. The treaty appears to allow US companies to not be held liable if their technology or work fails. If the treaty is retroactive on liability waivers or financial aid to victims is not completely clear. Japan would also be the final ratifying country needed to make the treaty work.

Moniz touted US company Kurion as a company that could come to TEPCO’s rescue. Kurion was the company that provided the first cesium absorption machine that was full of failures. It was quickly tossed aside when Toshiba installed the Sarry cesium absorption system. The irony of Moniz touting a failed US nuclear company as the solution for Fukushima Daiichi raises some questions about the sincerity of US officials.

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