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Hanford and the middle ground between “knowing” and “not knowing” via The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

By Daniele Macluglia Scholarly work on the public understanding of the Cold War nuclear industry has frequently focused on media coverage related to the secrecy of US nuclear sites. This method of analysis holds true particularly for the Hanford Site, … Continue reading

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Earthquake hits close to Fukushima, tremors felt as far as Tokyo via RT

A 5.0 earthquake was registered on Japan’s east cost in a prefecture neighboring Fukushima. It comes as a top Japanese politician called for acknowledgement of the fact that some Fukushima evacuees would never be able to return to the area. … Continue reading

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Radioactive Fallout from Fukushima via Santa Barbara Independent

by Stephen Hosea […] I am not an alarmist, but I am alarmed. I know that large quantities of radioactive material are in a precariously unstable situation in the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear facility. An inability to effectively keep this material cool … Continue reading

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小泉元首相 政権は原発ゼロ方針を via NHK News Web

(抜粋) この中で小泉元総理大臣は、「東京電力福島第一原子力発電所の事故のあと、原発は安全ではないし、コストはほかのエネルギーよりもっとかかることが分かった。そういう私の主張に対して無責任だという批判があるが、過ちて改むるに、はばかることなかれだ」と述べました。 そ のうえで小泉氏は、今後のエネルギー政策について「原発政策の方針の大転換が必要だ。大方針は政治にしか決められず、何年かかってでも原発をゼロにすべき だ。日本の技術力は優れており、太陽光発電や風力発電、それに蓄電の技術も進んでいる」と述べ、安倍政権は原発ゼロの方針を打ち出して自然エネルギーに比 重を移していくべきだという考えを改めて示しました。 全文は小泉元首相 政権は原発ゼロ方針を 関連記事:小泉純一郎元首相「人間の考え変わる」=原発推進論者を批判 via 時事ドットコム

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Letter to emperor incident sparking huge debate via The Asahi Shimbun

A rookie lawmaker has sparked a fierce debate over the simmering issue of politics and the emperor in Japan. Independent Upper House member Taro Yamamoto was widely denounced for handing a personal letter to Emperor Akihito at an imperial garden … Continue reading

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