Shearon Harris Nuclear Power Plant no longer on alert via abc news

WAKE COUNTY (WTVD) — The Shearon Harris Nuclear Power Plant is no longer under alert following an equipment malfunction early Thursday morning that caused the plant to lose power around 3 a.m. to “non-safety related electrical distribution equipment.”

Officials at the nuclear plant in Wake County said there were no radioactive materials released because of the incident.

After an inspection of equipment revealed no threat to safety, officials terminated the alert. Around 6 a.m., plant personnel said they were operating at a reduced power level of 91 percent as recovery actions continued.

“The alert was terminated at 5:33 a.m. … and it was an electrical fault on a transformer, like an electrical box similar to your breaker in your house, so it was running non-safety related equipment,” Kim Crawford spokesperson with Duke Energy said. “[There was] a little bit of smoke, so we had to declare this alert. The plant is stable and online, no injuries, no danger ever to the public from this event.”

Crawford also said the incident happened on the non-reactor side of the plant and was not related to the cracks and corrosion found in a reactor vessel that caused it to shut down in May.

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