U of G prof’s research is extending the life of nuclear reactors via GuelphMercury.com

GUELPH — Dr. Peter Tremaine will receive $255,600 over the next three years to continue research that will help extend the life of Canada’s nuclear reactors.

The funding comes from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council and the University Network of Excellence in Nuclear Engineering. This funding is geared to university and private-sector projects expected to yield industrial and economic benefits to Canada.

“Peter’s work is helping us address global energy problems,” Kevin Hall, vice-president (research) states in a release. “He is a global leader in the field, and his research group is one of only a few in the world with the expertise and equipment for this work.”

Tremaine is the former dean of the College of Physical and Engineering Science on campus and he’s spent more than a decade studying chemistry under extreme heat and pressure. These are exactly the characteristics inside Canada’s pressurized heavy water CANDU nuclear reactors.

His work to date has helped in refurbishing nuclear reactors in Ontario, the release states. For the last stage of his heavy water study, Tremaine will learn more about the chemistry of corrosion in heavy water under high temperatures and pressures.

The CANDU reactors were designed to use heavy water in a closed loop to transfer heat from the reactor core to a steam generator.

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