Nuclear waste site on Lake Huron concerns Michigan, Sarnia via CBC News

The mayor of Sarnia, Ont., is rallying opposition to Ontario Power Generation’s plan to store nuclear waste underground on the shores of Lake Huron.

The proposed site in Kincardine, Ont., would not contain high-level nuclear waste, such as spent fuel.

Instead, it would contain low-level waste, such as protective clothing worn by workers or mops and towels used to wipe up spills of contaminated water.

According to Ontario Power Generation, the “deep geologic repository” would be located 680 metres below ground, “in stable rock formations over 450 million years old.”

The CN Tower stands 553 metres tall.

The site is to be located 1.6 kilometres from Lake Huron.

“You know, the reality is that this material is being stored at that site now above ground. But the concern is, do we really want to take the risk of putting it in a hole in the ground, so close to Lake Huron?” Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley asked.

According to Ontario Power Generation, the repository is “the responsible choice and reflects international best practice.”


Michigan worried

In Michigan, lawmakers worry that the facility might affect the Great Lakes, and they want Congress to help ensure Michigan’s concerns are fully resolved.

A state Senate resolution that was introduced by Democratic Sen. Hoon-Yung Hopgood of Taylor passed last week.

“Lake Huron and the Great Lakes are some of Michigan’s most vital natural resources, containing 95 per cent of North America’s surface fresh water and providing drinking water to tens of millions of people,” Hopgood said in a statement. “This type of nuclear waste repository, planned within water-soluble limestone, is unprecedented and could present a danger to our lakes and our environment.”

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