One dead, 14 wounded in Niger uranium mine bombing: Areva via

French nuclear group Areva said Thursday that one person was killed and 14 wounded in a car bomb attack at its uranium mine in northern Niger, without disclosing their nationalities.

Areva said in a statement that the wounded were being treated at a local hospital following the attack, one of two car bombings in Niger Thursday claimed by an Islamist extremist group as revenge for the country’s involvement in a French-led military offensive against Al-Qaeda-linked groups in neighbouring Mali.

In an earlier statement Areva had said 13 of its employees, all from Niger, had been wounded.

Niger’s Interior Minister Abdou Labo had said that around 50 people were wounded at the site, almost of them security agents.

Areva, the world’s second-largest uranium producer, extracts more than a third of its uranium in the impoverished west African country.

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