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Nuclear Test for Abe as Quake Risk Doubles Spread: Japan Credit via Bloomberg

Shinzo Abe’s support for nuclear energy is being tested during his party’s first week back in power after utilities’ borrowing costs surged amid probes into whether atomic facilities sit on active earthquake fault lines.The extra yield investors demand to own … Continue reading

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Japan anti-nuclear vote melts away via channelnewsasia.com

TOKYO: Eight million people signed an Internet petition demanding an end to nuclear power and hundreds of thousands joined public protests. Yet Japan handed an election landslide to the most pro-atomic option on offer. Anti-nuclear activists have been left licking … Continue reading

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Opponents of nuclear power vow to continue protests under new government via The Asahi Shimbun

The rally marked the 36th such demonstration, according to Metropolitan Coalition Against Nukes, organizer of the protests. “We will never forgive the government for its decision to restart reactors,” said one protester. “The outgoing administration should have its successor take … Continue reading

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