Activists demand survey of Lanyu radiation levels via Taipei Times

PARADISE LOST?Professors warn that radiation levels pose a threat to both residents and visitors of the island and may cause cancers and cardiovascular diseases

Environmentalists yesterday called on the Atomic Energy Council (AEC) to conduct a thorough survey around Lanyu (蘭嶼, also known as Orchid Island) as a report released by Japanese academics shows that an unusual amount of radiation has been found on the island and that the nuclear waste storage facility on the island may be leaking.

“Two Japanese academics have found unusual levels of radiation at more than 10 locations around Lanyu, with the level at one location as high as 500 times more than the environment background value — this shows that the issue of radioactive pollution is very serious on the island,” Peter Chang (張武修), a professor at Taipei Medical University’s School of Public Health, and the chairman of the National Association for Radiation Protection, told a news conference yesterday.

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