ASA rules in my favour over EDF Energy’s nuclear propaganda for women via Energy and Environmental Management


Lies, damn lies, and advertising…

I complained about Marie Claire’s use of advertising from EDF. A series of advertisements for nuclear power have been appearing in this “magazine for women who want to think smart and look amazing” over the last few months, designed in the same style as its articles, such that it’s hard to tell the difference at first glance.

Marie Claire, which is published by IPC Media, was also publishing pages on its website which appeared to be editorial, but were in fact provided by EDF, under the headline “Nuclear power: the facts”.

As you can see when you click on this link to this page, it is now prominently marked “THIS IS A MARIE CLAIRE ADVERTORIAL”. Before my complaint there was no such identification.

Since my complaint was first lodged, and I tweeted about it, many women have added negative comments accusing Marie Claire of providing greenwash to the bottom of the article.

Marie Claire linked to EDF Energy’s website at the bottom of this page, giving the impression that this was objective information about nuclear power. It is now clear that that they are linking to a biased website.

EDF Energy is the only company currently seriously in the running to building new nuclear power stations in this country, including one at Hinkley, Somerset. However, it is in serious trouble because its other plants presently under construction are seriously overbudget and extremely behind schedule.

EDF is running this campaign because its market research has shown that it is women who are more likely to be opposed to new nuclear power stations than men.

Marie Claire has a significant readership amongst intelligent women; the last recorded circulation figure is 266,881.

Read more at ASA rules in my favour over EDF Energy’s nuclear propaganda for women

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