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‘The Sizewell C plans are an insult to the people of Suffolk’ via East Anglian Daily Times

Chairman of Together Against Sizewell C, Pete Wilkinson, has described it is a “battle for the soul and integrity of East Suffolk”. Here he explains why he is opposing the nuclear project. Anyone new to Suffolk, ignorant of EDF’s nuclear … Continue reading

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Rising sea levels could turn new Sizewell power station into ‘nuclear island’ via East Anglian Times

Sue Roaf, emeritus professor of architectural engineering at Heriot Watt University, said it was madness to build a new power station near flood risk sites. She warned the proposals on the Suffolk coast risked lives and could transform parts of … Continue reading

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The even madder plan to build a new nuclear plant on the beach via Beyond Nuclear International

By Linda Pentz Gunter In December 2018 we ran an article — The mad plan to store nuclear waste on the beach— which has become one of our most read stories. Now, as the climate crisis worsens, here comes a possibly even … Continue reading

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EDF under pressure to abandon Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant project via Independent

Project is supposed to provide 7 per cent of Britain’s electricity by 2025 The giant French energy company EDF is under pressure to abandon or delay building the nuclear power station in Somerset which is at the heart of David Cameron’s … Continue reading

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Cracks in bricks at core of Hunterston nuclear reactor via BBC News

Cracks have been discovered in bricks which make up the core of one of two nuclear reactors at the Hunterston B power station in Ayrshire. Operator EDF Energy said the cracks in three graphite bricks were found during planned maintenance … Continue reading

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France Loses Enthusiasm for Nuclear Power via Scientific American

Nuclear’s share of electricty will drop from 75 percent to 50 percent by 2025 due to loss of know-how and requirements for more renewable sources […] However, in fulfillment of a campaign promise, President François Hollande’s government is aiming to … Continue reading

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Nuclear reactors in northern England to be shut down due to faults via The Guardian

Defects found in boiler units lead to four reactors being taken offline, two at Heysham 1 and two at Hartlepool, for eight weeks Four nuclear reactors at two large power plants in the north of England are to be shut … Continue reading

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Fears raised over cross-country plan for nuclear waste transport via The Herald

The French nuclear firm EDF Energy is applying for new authorisations to allow radioactive waste to be transported by road between its two nuclear power stations at Hunterston in North Ayrshire and Torness in East Lothian. Critics say this will … Continue reading

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ASA rules in my favour over EDF Energy’s nuclear propaganda for women via Energy and Environmental Management

[…] Lies, damn lies, and advertising… I complained about Marie Claire’s use of advertising from EDF. A series of advertisements for nuclear power have been appearing in this “magazine for women who want to think smart and look amazing” over … Continue reading

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