Britain looks to China to fuel nuclear renaissance via The Washington Post


Since the disaster-triggered crisis at Fukushima, Germany has vowed to abandon its nuclear plants within 11 years while Japan is weighing a similar move. Last month, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission temporarily froze 19 new requests for reactor licenses while it undergoes a court-ordered review of its environmental guidelines for nuclear waste disposal. That comes at a time when the U.S. nuclear industry is facing major challenges from cheaper energy alternatives, including a boom in shale gas.

But Britain, a country with dwindling North Sea gas reserves, remains one of the few major Western nations still considering a massive rollout of new nuclear plants. At the same time, Britain maintains some of the world’s most open policies on foreign investment. Together, that has given China’s state nuclear power companies — now in the midst of building out 26 reactors at home — an opportunity to muscle in on the global market, which had long been dominated by European, American and Japanese companies.

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