Fukushima West End via Fukushima via FukushimaResponse.org

(A public service video that tries to capture the scope of the Fukushima disaster in 3 minutes. It was created by a member of Fukushima Response, a group that started up in northern California at the end of May 2012 with new branches being established. It grew out of a 3-city Occupy coalition model. It draws on both long-time antinuclear activists and newcomers, but it is focused on Japan, and especially, on responding to Senator Ron Wyden’s call for an international effort to stabilize Reactor 4. During their first week in existence, the group succeeded in persuading the Sonoma County Democratic Party to pass an emergency resolution in support of Senator Wyden’s call. They have hosted visits by Chieko Shiina, a Fukushima mother, and Yastel Yamada, the head of the Skilled Veterans’ Corps for Fukushima among many activities. For more, visit their website. NF)

◇For Yastel Yamada, see Japan’s Experts Call for U.S. Pressure

◇For Chieko Shiina, see Chieko Shiina: Fukushima Damage, Denial Worse Than Chernobyl (video)

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