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Kudankulam nuclear plant hits new hurdle, PM asks who will pay for mishap via NDTV

New Delhi: The Kudankulam nuclear power plant in Tamil Nadu has run up against new hurdles. This time, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh wants to know from the Department of Atomic Energy who will pay if there is a mishap at the power plant.

The PM, who is also the Minister for Atomic Energy, is questioning the department’s decision not to exercise the right to recourse in the event of a mishap at the plant. The plant is being built with Russian collaboration and the Russians have said they are keen that right to recourse should not apply to any part of this project. That would mean that the Russians will have no liability in case of an accident.

The PM has said that if such a waiver is granted to the Russian partners, other countries like the US and France, partnering India on such projects, will seek waiver too.

The Department of Atomic Energy has argued that the Nuclear Power Corporation does not need to worry on that account as there is a provision in the international agreement with Russia on right to recourse, but no such provision in agreements with the American and the French governments.

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  1. yukimiyamotodepaul says

    quite legitimate concern.

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