Nuke crisis caused by Japan, not quake: Kan via The Japan Times

Former Prime Minister Naoto Kan has admitted that Japan was woefully unprepared for last year’s nuclear disaster and suggested that the crippled Fukushima No. 1 plant should not have been built so close to a tsunami-prone coastline.
Kan said the very location of the Fukushima plant was problematic.

“If they had thought about it, they wouldn’t have intentionally built it at such a low location,” Kan said. “The plant was built on the assumption that there was no need to anticipate a major tsunami, and that was the actual start of the problem.

“We should have taken more adequate safety steps, and we failed to do so,” he added. “It was a big mistake and I must admit that (the accident) was due to human error.”

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♢See NISA, Tepco knew in ’06 of Fukushima tsunami threat

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